A new appliance-perfect server for OEMs

This week we launched the OEM CR100 server, a short 1u form factor system built on PowerEdge technology, designed to help appliance vendors simplify IT for their customers. We’re really excited to offer this server exclusively to appliance OEM customers, who look to us for tier-1 stability, quality and global support for their appliance solutions.

The CR100 is a rapidly deployable server that we can customize to the needs of our OEM customers. It comes in five different configurations that can be preloaded with their software and can incorporate customer-specific branding and packaging. With a long two-year lifecycle, the CR100 is backed by our End-to-End Appliance Program which includes the vital lifecycle management services, value-added logistics, Dell warranty and support services that our existing appliance customers have come to expect from Dell.

I am confident that CR100 will help appliance vendors of all sizes —Secure Computing, McAfee and Connectbeam, to name a few— continue to grow their business with the confidence of knowing that their solutions are Dell-powered.

About the Author: Rick Froehlich