Be Ready to Run when your Converged Systems Are

Many organizations move to converged systems for strategic reasons. For example, they might be looking to simplify overall IT operations, reduce OPEX, move to private cloud or move to hybrid cloud.

These organizations are looking to get more value from their converged systems. They’re looking to shift their IT staff focus to solving business problems instead of focusing on IT configuration and integration. They want to make overall operations more efficient. They also recognize that people and processes are the key to getting the most value out of the infrastructure. However, changing the operating model is also the biggest challenge.

So, what do you need to do to be operational and get the most business value from your converged infrastructure, on Day 1? You need to think outside the box and adopt a new approach to IT operations, an approach that includes automating operations and organizing around service delivery.

Implement an initial set of IT processes to effectively manage the service delivery lifecycle. Think about things like Service Portfolio Management, Service Catalog Management, Service Asset & Configuration Management, Request Fulfillment and Incident Management.

Define the roles and skills needed to manage service delivery. For example, roles like Service Portfolio Manager, Service Catalog Manager and Request Fulfillment Manager. You also need a set of infrastructure roles that align to your platform, such as Converged Platform Architect, Converged Platform Engineer and Converged Platform Administrator.

Make it easy for users to find, request and consume the services they need through a self-service IaaS service catalog with automated provisioning. Start with a few foundational services like Windows and Linux hosting services.

Based on our extensive experience working with IT operations teams, Dell EMC Services has developed a service to drive the adoption and consumption of converged systems to accelerate business outcomes. Dell EMC Day 1 Operating Model Implementation for Converged Infrastructure implements the IT processes, defines the roles and creates the IaaS service catalog needed to assure operational success with your converged or hyper-converged infrastructure, out of the gate. For both service delivery and infrastructure-focused roles, we outline the skills required for successful execution and can suggest ways in which your teams can develop the skills to perform effectively in these roles.

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About the Author: David Buffo

David is a Consulting Marketing Manager for Dell Technologies Services, based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. He has 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, including 15 years in solutions and services. David’s focus is IT infrastructure, but his work with clients is concerned with accelerating transformation of IT from a technology supplier into a provider of services to the business. He started with EMC (now Dell Technologies) in 2004 and meets regularly with clients at Dell Technologies' executive briefing center and at industry conferences.