A Cool-Blue Innovation in Cloud Storage

blue clouds

In my job I am exposed to hundreds of new technology solutions every month. Some of these self-proclaimed “game changing ideas” are either “me too” solutions which follow others’ lead and compete on price or a couple of features.  Other new ideas are so esoteric I am incapable of understanding why they even exist. However, every now and then I come across something that forces me to sit up and take notice. With no small amount of fanfare, Cirtas Systems recently released their Bluejet Cloud Storage Controller based on Dell hardware and when I learned about what it is and what it does, I couldn’t help but take notice.

Taking the concept of cloud based storage, with all the efficiencies of scale, reliability, resiliency, and reduced liabilities it can bring, Cirtas seamlessly connects mid-market enterprises to the cloud while providing the performance of local network storage. The device provides caching, WAN optimization, de-duplication, and other features that both accelerate the performance of cloud storage and reduce the fees associated with using it.  Even better, it adds features to cloud storage, such as thin provisioning and snapshots, which had previously been the reserve of expensive enterprise storage systems.  The Cirtas Bluejet even aggregates multiple cloud providers to a single node on the network.

Working with the Dell OEM Solutions, the Bluejet appliance comes configured and ready to install. Built upon Dell’s OEM-Ready server platform, Cirtas provides world class reliability, supportability, and manageability to their customers. With Dell’s help Cirtas is able to bring their brilliant innovations in the software realm to a hardware solution which assures their customers have the best experience with their solution.

It is great to see such refreshing innovative solutions hitting the market.

Learn more about Dell OEM Solutions at www.dell.com/oem.

About the Author: Franklin Flint