#84: Dell EMC World Day 2, Getting Hands On

Dell EMC The Source 84 - Hands on Labs at Dell EMC World 2017
Dell EMC The Source 84 – Hands on Labs at Dell EMC World 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: It is time to Roll up your sleeves and get technical. The Dell EMC World hands on labs represent the heart of knowledge offered at Dell EMC World. Get in front of the technology, use it, learn it, get everything you need with access to Subject Matter Experts. It’s the perfect opportunity to deepen your skills.

With over 40 Hands on labs, and instructor lead classrooms is it the perfect opportunity for you to prepare for a Dell EMC Proven certification, and invest in your future – and it’s all included in your Dell EMC World registration.

I spent some time with Joe Correia (@JosephAtDell) and Maurice Harty (@MauriceHarty) in the lobby of the Hands on lab zone to get details. Be sure to follow the Hands-on Lab (@DellEMCHOL) for details.

The Source Podcast: Episode #84: Dell EMC World 2017 Day 2, Getting Hands On

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