#67: Introducing Isilon All-Flash

The rapid growth of unstructured data represents a significant challenge for many enterprises across industries. As the volume and sources of data have expanded dramatically, traditional techniques to store and analyze information have proved to be too expensive and too slow to handle the massive data volumes modern enterprise product and manage.  Dell EMC Isilon is designed to directly address that challenge, taking your data lake strategy to the next level with new scale-out offerings providing breakthrough efficiency, scale and agility from edge to core to cloud.

Earlier this week at Dell EMC World, Isilon became the latest member of the Dell EMC All-Flash Portfolio. This week on Dell EMC The Source, Ed Beauvais (@EdBeauvais), Director Isilon Product Marketing stops by to talk Isilon and the impact of All-Flash for density (68 PB) and performance (25 Million IOPS). How does that translate to your workloads?  Find out this week on Dell EMC The Source.  For more visit www.emc.com/isilon

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The Source Podcast: Episode #67: Dell EMC Isilon taming unstructured data in a flash

Dell EMC The Source Podcast #67 - introducing Isilon All-Flash

EMC: The Source Podcast is hosted By Sam Marraccini (@SamMarraccini)

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Sam Marraccini is a 18-year EMC veteran and 27-year technology veteran. Part of the Dell EMC Global Portfolio Marketing Team, Sam is focused on developing and evangelizing the unique benefits of Dell EMC Products, Technologies and Solutions