#61: Software Defined Storage: ScaleIO and ScaleIO Ready Node

Dell EMC The Source Podcast #61 - ScaleIo and ScaleIo Ready node

Software Defined Storage (SDS) is defined as: An approach to data storage in which programming the controls storage-related tasks is decoupled from the physical storage hardware, providing the ability to manage policy-based provisioning and management of data storage independent of the underlying hardware.

Dell EMC ScaleIO is a scalable and performant Software-Defined Storage (SDS) Solution for block storage which delivers public cloud agility with private cloud resiliency. It creates a server SAN from local server storage to deliver flexible, elastic and scalable performance and capacity on demand. ScaleIO is software, software that has been available as a free download since EMC World, May 2015 without capacity restrictions.  ScaleIO is an easy download for VMware, Linux and Windows here www.emc.com/getScaleIO.

While ScaleIO software solutions have been helping Dell EMC Customers deliver scalable, flexible block storage for traditional and cloud native workloads, combining the power of Dell EMC Scale IO software and Dell PowerEdge Server platform is an obvious next step.

The Dell EMC ScaleIO Ready Node is pre-configured and pre-qualified to run ScaleIO Software providing a software defined, all-flash storage foundation for your modern datacenter.

I sat down with Jyothi Swaroop (@jswaroop) and Jason Brown (@FelixNU98), Principal Product Marketing Manager, ScaleIO to get the latest on ScaleIO and the newly released Dell EMC ScaleIO ready node.

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EMC: The Source Podcast is hosted by Sam Marraccini (@SamMarraccini)

The Source Podcast: Episode #61: Software Defined Storage: ScaleIO and ScaleIO Ready Node

EMC: The Source Podcast is hosted By Sam Marraccini (@SamMarraccini)

Sam Marraccini

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