3 Ways EMC Makes it Easier for You to Sell Data Protection Everywhere

Customers cannot afford to protect data the same way they used to. And, while they may recognize that the data protection landscape is evolving, many do not realize that all of their data must be safeguarded … No matter where it lives. Or, if they do understand, then they’re not sure how to actually move forward with the protection transformation while keeping costs down.

Help your customers change how they protect their data

Enable your customers to build a solid foundation for their modern data centers with new EMC data protection solutions and resources, including:

  • Cost-effective new offerings
  • Enhancements to our existing portfolio
  • Simple sales tools

… All of which can help you deliver—and win more opportunities with—the Data Protection Everywhere message.

1.  Unparalleled Efficiency for Tiering Protection Storage to the Cloud

While many customers are currently moving backup data to the cloud because of the perceived cost benefits, the public cloud contains a number of hidden costs that can add up quickly.

Users are charged for not only every GB sent, but also every GB retrieved. So, it is critical to minimize the amount of data being stored in and sent to/from the cloud.

Data Domain provides the most cost-effective long-term retention in the cloud through industry leading deduplication efficiency, and enables an average of 10 – 30x reduction in storage requirements

To help customers simplify and automate their path to the cloud, Data Domain has introduced new cloud capabilities with Data Domain Cloud Tier.

Data Domain Cloud Tier:

  • Is the ONLY protection storage to natively tier deduplicated data to the cloud
  • Ensures that only unique data is sent and data lands on the cloud object storage already deduplicated
  • Provides best-of-breed technology that allows businesses to gain the advantages of cloud while lowering overall TCO

Protecting more data in a smaller footprint greatly reduces overall TCO and as more data is sent, cost savings will continue to increase over time

Protection with Data Domain Cloud Tier

Data Domain Cloud Tier will require a separate software license and will be available to order in Q3 of 2016. Pricing details will be communicated at that time.

2.  New EMC Data Protection Software Offerings and Additional Major Enhancements

EMC further ensures Data Protection Everywhere for the modern data center with new Data Protection Suite offerings—Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition and Data Protection Suite for Applications—as well as with enhancements to our data protection software portfolio.

This expanded portfolio of the industry’s best software provides enhanced performance, automation, simplification, and cloud enablement with focus on protecting all data … No matter where it lives.

EMC Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition:

  • Is the most comprehensive offering within the Data Protection Suite Family, protecting data using technologies from replication to snapshot to backup and archive
  • Includes Avamar, NetWorker, Data Protection Advisor, ProtectPoint, DD Boost for Enterprise Apps, RecoverPoint for VMs, AppSync, and SourceOne

EMC Data Protection Suite for Applications:

  • Provides unparalleled efficiency to meet stringent SLAs on mission critical applications
  • Includes ProtectPoint, DD Boost for Enterprise Apps, and Data Protection Advisor

Enhancements to Data Protection Suite for VMware:

  • Simplify the deployment while offering a software-only solution for small and mid-size VMware customers that are nearly 100% virtualized
  • Includes Avamar Virtual Edition; and is intended to be sold into new or existing Data Domain Virtual Edition environments
  • Continues to be sold exclusively through EMC Partners

Data Protection Suite Enhancements

New and updated content to support these enhancements can be found within the product specific partner enablement centers on the Partner Portal.

3.  2016 Partner Sales Plays

If you’re not sure where to begin with the Data Protection Everywhere message, watch for to these 2016 EMC Partner Sales Plays:

  • How Suite It Is
  • Refresh to Renew
  • Protection in the Cloud
  • Data Protection for Converged Infrastructure

Each play includes its own set of documentation that was designed specifically to help EMC Partners sell.

2016 EMC Partner Sales Plays will be available soon; and will include Quick Selling Guides, Call Scripts, Emails, and other helpful collateral to help you show your customers how easy and cost effective it is for them to achieve Data Protection Everywhere. Download the EMC Partner News app to be among the first to know when 2016 EMC Partner Sales Plays are available.

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About the Author: Catherine DiBona