Developers Driving Change

Did you know that since 2000, 52% of the companies on the Fortune 500 list are gone?

Developers have the power to make or break a business. We’re living in an always on, always connected world where consumers are constantly anticipating new applications that revolutionize everyday tasks. If you’re not meeting these demands, how do you expect your business to stay afloat? The short answer is, it won’t!

Why did expectations skyrocket? Traditionally, developers relied on the IT managers to provide them with the building blocks for innovation for even the most trivial tasks. “We need an operating system, a database, a new web or app server…” the list goes on and on. Don’t forget, each of these things had a price tag, so additional time for someone to cut a check became part of the process, too.

Luckily, in recent years the cost of development has dropped and access to resources has become instantaneous thanks to the “pay as you go” public cloud models. When business decision-makers began swiping credit cards and deploying resources on demand, the pace of development started booming…sending customer demands through the roof, leaving developers little choice but to bypass IT resources to keep up with the needs of the business.

This Shadow IT model keeps developers happy but brings concern to IT managers and security teams. Without proper controls and visibility in place, it’s difficult to ensure workloads follow best practices with proper backup and security policies or if budget requirements are met. There’s no denying developers are under a great deal of pressure to deliver new apps and services at an unprecedented pace, but a security breach is going to have serious consequences.

The good news is there’s common ground! The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is your solution to this game of tug-of-war.

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All of the IT resources the business needs are available through a self-service catalog where IT consumers can request and deploy resources on-demand based on services defined by the IT team. IT becomes the hero, as the service broker who eliminates Shadow IT and brings control back in house. With transparency across the board, costs are tracked down to the last cent and application protection and is seamlessly managed and adjusted on an as-needed basis.

We’ve created a solution that lets developers lead the way while leaving control in the hands of the IT leaders.

Here’s how it works:

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To further accelerate application development, the self-service catalog provides access to modifiable application blueprints, eliminating environment inconsistencies between development, test and production environments. This means less time putting out fires and more time creating. Continuous delivery for application release automation allows developers to deliver new services as soon as code is ready.


This shift is reshaping the industry profoundly and the change is being driven from the bottom up. If the business can’t deliver, the company as a whole cannot move forward. It’s essential IT leaders tune into the requests of developers so they can hit the ground running with their new ideas and get their code out the door.


Think about how your IT department is running today. In ten years if you continue with business as usual, will your company be among those who fall? Now think about what your company could be doing if you started your hybrid cloud journey today…

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About the Author: Berna Devrim