Data Protection Everywhere: Data Domain Virtual Edition

We all know data protection is essential, not optional. Whether it’s in the cloud, on your physical storage or even in virtualized storage, your data needs to be protected. Fortunately, Dell EMC offers a data protection portfolio that’s equipped to deliver complete protection for enterprises of all sizes no matter where data lives or what happens in your data center. First in this blog series was a great overview of the Data Protection Suite Family, followed by a piece outlining the many benefits of Dell EMC Data Domain. Now, let’s move on to discuss software-defined data protection storage with Data Domain Virtual Edition which was introduced last year.

Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) provides all the benefits of the #1 protection storage, Data Domain, in a software-defined solution. DD VE is simple, flexible and efficient, and best of all, easy to deploy and configure. So easy, in fact, that it can be up and running in just minutes. In its latest release, DD VE 3.0 expands on its core of remote and branch offices by adding even more flexibility that address additional pain points. The latest release of DD VE offers increased scalability and cloud support to address customers in the cloud and who have a converged infrastructure.

At its core, DD VE addresses businesses with Remote and Branch Offices. To address this, multiple DD VE instances can be deployed across remote offices for backup, and then replicate to a larger Data Domain system at a central data center for disaster recovery. With DD Replicator, which is included with DD VE, only unique data is transferred over WAN from DD VE to the Data Domain system at the disaster recovery site, which eliminates up to 99% of the bandwidth required to standard replication methods. Plus, bandwidth throttling allows you to schedule when data is sent over the WAN and limit the amount of bandwidth that can be used for replication, which improves resource utilization. Additionally, DD VE can efficiently protect small capacity workloads. This could be a small business or single department of a larger business that needs its own protection storage solution.

DD VE 3.0 supports Data Domain Cloud Tier, which enables customers to natively tier data to object storage in the public, private or hybrid cloud for long-term retention. Just like with Data Domain, only unique data is sent directly from DD VE to Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), Virtustream Storage Cloud or 3rd party cloud providers. The long-term retention data now in the cloud is already deduplicated, which significantly reduces your storage footprint and network bandwidth for lower TCO. For further cloud-enablement, DD VE also supports secure multi-tenancy. This enables DD VE to be delivered as a service with the ability to logically isolate data between multiple tenants accessing a single DD VE instance.

Data Domain Virtual Edition

Need virtual protection for converged infrastructure? We have you covered. DD VE can be deployed in converged infrastructure environments with support for Dell EMC VxRail ™ Appliances. Data protection is an essential component of the software-defined data center, which requires a solution that can keep up with today’s massive data growth, backup window pressures and the demands of virtualization. DD VE provides additional protection options to VxRail customers who want to improve backup efficiency in a simple and flexible manner.

Data Domain Virtual Edition

DD VE now supports Microsoft Hyper-V in addition to VMware vSphere. Tying this back to DD VE’s ROBO use case, this enables customers who are leveraging Hyper-V to deploy our software-defined protection storage that can be up and running in just a few minutes. When talking about scalability within the environment, DD VE offers up to 96 TB in a single instance. The DD VE licensing model also enables extremely flexible acquisition and deployment with the ability to purchase in 1 TB increments and the ability to deploy a DD VE instance for each TB of capacity in your environment.

Finally, DD VE is qualified to run on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. With these pre-validated, pre-tested reference architectures that bring together the strengths of PowerEdge 13G servers with DD VE, you are assured that the infrastructure will meet the necessary requirements for deployment of your software-defined protection storage. This best of breed combination is ideal when protecting ROBO locations, especially if you prefer software solutions for your infrastructure that can be deployed on standard non-proprietary hardware for data protection.

With Dell EMC’s  software-defined protection storage solution, we truly make it easier to protect data everywhere, no matter where it lives. I’m sure after learning about DD VE, you’re going to want to give it a try. Fortunately, Dell EMC lets you do just that. Visit the software download page to try DD VE 3.0 before you buy!

About the Author: Alyanna Ilyadis