[The Source Podcast] VMworld 2017 Solution Exchange Walk Through

The VMworld 2017 Solutions Exchange featured over 220 sponsors and exhibitors showcasing their ideas and technology of tomorrow.   The Solutions Exchange was not only a perfect opportunity to showcase Dell EMC, front and center as always, the expo was also an opportunity for Dell Technologies to showcase how our efforts are shaping our customers Digital Transformation. And in addition, the Xcape Room, IoT showcase and VDI Complete Solutions expo provided ample opportunity to explore Dell Technologies solutions.

There was more than enough time to explore; and as is now tradition, Adeel Omer (@GeekInAustin) and I spent some time walking around the Solutions Exchange doing our best to capture the moment.

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Sam Marraccini is a 18-year EMC veteran and 27-year technology veteran. Part of the Dell EMC Global Portfolio Marketing Team, Sam is focused on developing and evangelizing the unique benefits of Dell EMC Products, Technologies and Solutions
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