1,500 OEMs can’t be wrong

My prospective customers constantly ask me what can Dell OEM do for them and most of the time I find that the misperceptions outweigh the reality.  The questions are very telling: Is their volume high enough?  Can Dell OEM add 3rd party content and warranty it?  Does Dell have Extended Life products and Manage Change? Does Dell OEM offer more than what I see in the IT offering?  Can Dell offer Engineering Services to create an Embedded O/S image?  What about SaaS and the Cloud for OEMs?

The answer is Yes, Dell OEM already offers these capabilities and within a wider range of customer volumes than expected.  Dell OEM has evolved with our customers and delivers into OEM, Embedded and even Deeply Embedded markets.  Whether it’s a Dell Precision Workstation embedded with a Siemens Ultrasound machine, a Dell PowerEdge Google Appliance or a Dell Client based kiosk you just paid your mobile phone bill on, OEMs continue to WIN by bringing their solution to market with a proven leader.

After fielding many questions from prospective customers and suggesting a few of my own, I wanted to suggest the top five questions that all OEMs should be asking any white-box or Tier 1 potential provider:

  1. Can you Service my solution Globally?
  2. Can your manufacturing process produce my solution for “just in time” inventory to give the same benefits of finished goods without up front carrying costs and NCNRs on raw materials ?
  3. What is your Global Regulatory strategy and what can you leverage internally to save us on cost?
  4. What types of Quality metrics do you require of your prospective Suppliers  to compare  vs. the other?
  5. Can you provide me solutions to take my OEM offering to the Cloud with a SaaS model?

What other questions do you think are important to ask white-box or Tier 1 potential providers?

Contact us to learn more about what Dell OEM can do for you …I think you will be pleasantly surprised, just as the previous 1500 OEMs were …and still are.

About the Author: Brent Jindra