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    APEX for Containers

    Accelerate your application modernization with containers, Kubernetes and Dell Technologies APEX.

    • WHY APEX

      Take a pragmatic approach to adopting cloud-native constructs

    • The numbers tell the story


      Making the case for Containers with APEX

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      Advanced driver assistance system

      See containers in action in this demo of a video analysis solution on APEX Private Cloud with the innovative Streaming Data Platform featuring Pravega and Flink, along with the new ObjectScale storage platform.

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      Architect an integrated modern apps platform

      Review the component and steps necessary to set up a modern applications Platform-as-a-Service with VMware Tanzu and Dell EMC VxRail, the foundation for APEX Cloud Services.

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      Accelerate image processing

      Prepare images in Kubernetes for faster machine learning. Explore these test results for image processing setup with Dell EMC PowerEdge clusters, delivered via APEX Custom Services.

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      Microsoft SQL Server Big Data Clusters

      This reference architecture provides specific guidance for deploying Microsoft SQL Server Big Data Clusters on VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on Dell EMC VxRail, the basis for APEX Cloud Services.

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      PowerStore with VMware Tanzu

      Learn how to configure and integrate Dell EMC PowerStore arrays, the foundation for APEX Data Storage Services, and VMware vSphere with Tanzu.

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      Open-source-based cloud-native applications

      See how APEX Private cloud is a great platform for open-source-based cloud-native applications with this demonstration of deploying an image recognition solution leveraging the Harbor registry, Tensor Flow, Knative and Flask.


      APEX in action

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      Dell Digital uses building blocks to build profit

      Dell Technologies accelerated application development by 85% with containers using building blocks that can be delivered as APEX Custom Solutions.

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      Trintech cashes in with APEX Custom Solutions

      Trintech, a provider of financial services software modernized its development and delivery of software as-a-Services apps on PowerEdge Ready Nodes which can be delivered as APEX Custom Solutions.

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      Raytheon finds power with VxRail

      Raytheon rapidly delivered a multi-zone configuration for modern apps infrastructure on VxRail, the foundation for APEX Cloud Services.


      As-a-Service, at your service

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      Cloud Native Apps and DevOps Services

      By harnessing cloud-native software, improving the way teams work together and by re-platforming applications, leveraging containers and following DevOps best practices, your IT department will become agile, productive and more competitive.

      • Whatever the use case, APEX services can help accelerate your journey

        As you embark on the road to digital transformation and modernization — no matter what industry — Dell Technologies APEX can help your organization race down that road by managing your needs, allowing you to focus on building your business.

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    • 1 Applies to select preconfigured solutions, contact your sales representative for details. Excludes orders over 1000 instances, hybrid storage, select vRealize (vRA, vRO) components, and some other features. Customer credit approval, site survey and configuration workbook must be completed before order is placed. Product availability, shipping, holidays and other factors may impact deployment time. Deployment includes delivery, standardized installation and hardware and software configuration. US, United Kingdom, France and Germany only


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