• Apex cloud services with Vmware cloud

    Multi-Cloud: The best of private and public clouds

    APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud combines the security and control of private cloud with the ease of public cloud, for a simplified multi-cloud experience.

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    • Bring all your clouds into one multi-cloud experience

      APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud is a result of joint engineering between Dell Technologies and VMware, delivering scalable and flexible infrastructure as-a-Service.

      • A consistent experience: Deploy secure and consistent multi-cloud operations across private clouds, public clouds and edge environments.

      • Freedom of choice: Decide where your workloads will work best and seamlessly migrate workloads across multi-cloud environments leveraging VMware HCX which is included.

      • Built-in security: Be assured that your multi-cloud infrastructure is protected with built-in cyber resiliency and data at rest and in-flight encryption.

      • Unified Operations with the Dell Technologies APEX Console: Delivering a self-serve web portal that puts all your Cloud Services in one place - subscribe, operate, optimize, and grow. 
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    • Focus on driving innovation, we’ll do the rest

      No matter the workload, this cloud infrastructure-as-a-service offer delivers scalable compute, storage and networking resources designed for a wide range of use cases from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to relational databases to webservers to container-based applications. Operated and controlled by you, owned and managed by Dell Technologies.

    • Built on infrastructure that delivers 99.9999% availability1

    • Get up and running in as few as 14 days. The industry’s fastest hybrid cloud deployment.2


      The entire experience in one place

      The APEX Console delivers a self-service experience: Subscribe, operate, optimize, and grow with self-service to meet your business demands.

    • Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will be with you every step of the way.


    • Order in APEX Console
    • Assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM)



    • Conduct kickoff calls
    • On-site installation
    • Service activation



    • Monitor overall account health
    • Verify service levels are achieved


    • Coordinate updates and optimizations
    • Maintain awareness, drive resolution and escalation
    • Comprehensive 7x24 support



    • Initiate check points and business reviews
    • Consult on growth and renewal
    • Start your multi-cloud journey in the APEX Console

      Work across traditional and container-based VMware workloads. Choose from a wide range of instances, easily configure what you need through the APEX Console and place an order with a few clicks.

      Instance Type Compute Optimized General Purpose Memory Optimized Large-Scale Memory Optimized 
      Memory-to-Core Ratio 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB
      Description Compute optimized instances deliver high performance for running workloads that are compute intensive. General purpose instances offer a balance of compute, memory and storage resources that are ideal for workloads using these resources in equal proportions. With a high memory-to-core ratio, memory optimized instances deliver fast performance for workloads that process large data sets in memory. With an extra high memory-to-core ratio, these heavy-duty instances deliver fast performance for workloads that process large data sets in memory.
      Application Examples
      • Mainstream webservers
      • Batch processing apps
      • Network appliances
      • High performance computing (HPC)
      • Media encoding servers
      • Low-medium traffic webservers
      • Databases application servers
      • Network appliances
      • CI/CD pipeline servers
      • Relational databases (Ex: Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SAP etc.)
      • Mid-size in-memory databases (Ex: SQL Server, etc.)
      • Data mining
      • Web scale in-memory caches (Memcached)
      • High Performance Relational databases (Ex: Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SAP etc.)
      • Large in-memory databases (Ex: SQL Server, etc.)
      • Data mining
      • Large Web scale in-memory caches (Memcached)
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      Modernize your application infrastructure with Kubernetes

      Accelerate cloud-native application development while also running traditional and virtualized applications on a single platform. Enable DevOps with self-service provisioning Kubernetes clusters.

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    • Based on VxRail field performance at the node level over 8 consecutive quarters. Actual results will vary.

      Applies to select preconfigured solutions of Memory Optimized instance types only, contact your sales representative for details. Excludes orders over 704 instances for 1 phase racks or 1600 instances for 3 phase rack. Customer credit approval, site survey, and solution abstract must be completed before order is placed and no customization or deviation from the standard configuration is allowed. Product availability, shipping, holidays, and other factors may impact deployment time. Deployment includes delivery, standardized installation and hardware and software configuration. US, United Kingdom, France and Germany only.