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      The #1 enterprise storage provider1 is now available as-a-Service

      Traditionally, managing on-premises storage infrastructure can be a challenge. IT departments must navigate over- and under-provisioning concerns, capital budget constraints, and complex procurement and migration cycles.

      APEX Data Storage Services is an as-a-Service portfolio of scalable and elastic storage resources built on our industry-leading technologies. Our Storage as-a-Service model simplifies the storage process giving you complete oversight of your storage resources, while freeing you from the hassles of day-to-day data storage management. So you can easily align storage requirements with the needs of your organization – and your team can focus on other priorities.

      To reinforce our confidence in APEX Data Storage Services to our customers, we are excited to announce the first in a growing family of promotions for APEX offers.

    • First available in a growing family of APEX promotions

    • 90-day, money back guarantee

      Experience the simplicity and agility of APEX Data Storage Services knowing that Dell has your back. If you are not fully satisfied, for any reason, during the first 90 days of your initial subscription, receive a full refund – no questions asked.

    • Migration credits

      Ease into experiencing the power of APEX Data Storage Services by reducing the costs and complexities of migration with our new Migration Credits promotion.

    • Pricing Calculator

      Simple pricing and performance options

      To calculate an APEX Data Storage Services monthly price summary based on your needs, please select a data service, performance tier, base capacity, and subscription length below.

    Select a data service
    Select a performance tier
    Set a base capacity (TB)
    Select a subscription term
    Data Service
    Performance Tier
    Base Capacity
    Subscription Term
    per month
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    Price Summary
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    { "services":[ { "name":"Block", "slug":"block-services", "icon":"/content/dam/web-resources/project-specific/apex/price-calculator/images/icon-apex-calc-block.svg", "tiers":[ { "name":"Capacity Optimized", "slug":"tier-3", "icon":"/content/dam/web-resources/project-specific/apex/price-calculator/images/icon-apex-calc-tier-3.svg", "descriptionHead":"", "description":"", "read":"50 (MB/s per TB)", "write":"8 (MB/s per TB)", "iops":"700 (per TB)", "useCases":["Smaller databases", "Test / dev", "IoT applications", "Disaster Recovery", "Commodity SQL", "Manufacturing Execution Systems"], "min":50, "max":2000, "default":50, "step":25, "priceFactor":[ { "term":"year-1", "rates":[ { "max":50, "price":95.22 }, { "max":200, "price":90.459 }, { "max":999999, "price":81.83 } ] }, { "term":"year-3", "rates":[ { "max":50, "price":73.246 }, { "max":200, "price":69.584 }, { "max":999999, "price":62.946 } ] } ] }, { "name":"Balanced", "slug":"tier-2", "icon":"/content/dam/web-resources/project-specific/apex/price-calculator/images/icon-apex-calc-tier-2.svg", "descriptionHead":"", "description":"", "read":"80 (MB/s per TB)", "write":"12 (MB/s per TB)", "iops":"1,100 (per TB)", "useCases":["Medium sized virtual environments", "Relational databases", "Data warehousing", "SQL", "Oracle", "MongoDB"], "min":50, "max":2000, "default":50, "step":25, "priceFactor":[ { "term":"year-1", "rates":[ { "max":50, "price":138.367 }, { "max":200, "price":131.448 }, { "max":999999, "price":117.537 } ] }, { "term":"year-3", "rates":[ { "max":50, "price":106.436 }, { "max":200, "price":101.114 }, { "max":999999, "price":90.413 } ] } ] }, { "name":"Performance Optimized", "slug":"tier-1", "icon":"/content/dam/web-resources/project-specific/apex/price-calculator/images/icon-apex-calc-tier-1.svg", "descriptionHead":"", "description":"", "read":"100 (MB/s per TB)", "write":"20 (MB/s per TB)", "iops":"1,800 (per TB)", "useCases":["Financial services", "Big Data and analytics", "Healthcare", "SAP HANA", "Splunk", "Spark", "Oracle and SQL (big instances)"], "min":100, "max":2000, "default":100, "step":25, "priceFactor":[ { "term":"year-1", "rates":[ { "max":100, "price":209.438 }, { "max":200, "price":198.966 }, { "max":999999, "price":175.104 } ] }, { "term":"year-3", "rates":[ { "max":100, "price":161.106 }, { "max":200, "price":153.051 }, { "max":999999, "price":134.695 } ] } ] } ], "terms":[ { "name":"3 year", "slug":"year-3" }, { "name":"1 year", "slug":"year-1" } ] }, { "name":"File", "slug":"file-services", "icon":"/content/dam/web-resources/project-specific/apex/price-calculator/images/icon-apex-calc-file.svg", "tiers":[ { "name":"Capacity Optimized", "slug":"tier-3", "icon":"/content/dam/web-resources/project-specific/apex/price-calculator/images/icon-apex-calc-tier-3.svg", "descriptionHead":"", "description":"", "read":"10 (MB/s per TB)", "write":"5 (MB/s per TB)", "iops":"90 (per TB)", "useCases":["Archive / data tiering", "video surveillance / digital evidence", "medical imaging"], "min":200, "max":2000, "default":200, "step":25, "priceFactor":[ { "term":"year-1", "rates":[ { "max":200, "price":52.222 }, { "max":400, "price":49.611 }, { "max":500, "price":43.658 }, { "max":750, "price":36.4 }, { "max":999999, "price":32.5 } ] }, { "term":"year-3", "rates":[ { "max":200, "price":40.171 }, { "max":400, "price":38.162 }, { "max":500, "price":33.583 }, { "max":750, "price":28 }, { "max":999999, "price":25 } ] } ] }, { "name":"Balanced", "slug":"tier-2", "icon":"/content/dam/web-resources/project-specific/apex/price-calculator/images/icon-apex-calc-tier-2.svg", "descriptionHead":"", "description":"", "read":"28 (MB/s per TB)", "write":"13 (MB/s per TB)", "iops":" 130 (per TB)", "useCases":["Home directories", "M&E – content delivery", "SW test/dev", "Big Data / batch analytics"], "min":200, "max":2000, "default":200, "step":25, "priceFactor":[ { "term":"year-1", "rates":[ { "max":200, "price":118.353 }, { "max":400, "price":112.436 }, { "max":500, "price":98.943 }, { "max":750, "price":84.5 }, { "max":999999, "price":71.5 } ] }, { "term":"year-3", "rates":[ { "max":200, "price":91.041 }, { "max":400, "price":86.489 }, { "max":500, "price":76.11 }, { "max":750, "price":65 }, { "max":999999, "price":55 } ] } ] }, { "name":"Performance Optimized", "slug":"tier-1", "icon":"/content/dam/web-resources/project-specific/apex/price-calculator/images/icon-apex-calc-tier-1.svg", "descriptionHead":"", "description":"", "read":"330 (MB/s per TB)", "write":"109 (MB/s per TB)", "iops":"4,250 (per TB)", "useCases":["Streaming / real-time analytics", "data lakes for AI / ML / DL", "M&E – content creation", "EDA / ADAS"], "min":50, "max":2000, "default":50, "step":25, "priceFactor":[ { "term":"year-1", "rates":[ { "max":50, "price":256.75 }, { "max":200, "price":243.913 }, { "max":500, "price":214.643 }, { "max":750, "price":188.5 }, { "max":999999, "price":175.5 } ] }, { "term":"year-3", "rates":[ { "max":50, "price":197.5 }, { "max":200, "price":187.625 }, { "max":500, "price":165.11 }, { "max":750, "price":145 }, { "max":999999, "price":135 } ] } ] } ], "terms":[ { "name":"3 year", "slug":"year-3" }, { "name":"1 year", "slug":"year-1" } ] } ] }

    • Estimate based on current pricing, subject to change. For estimation purposes only and not a binding offer. Actual fees may be higher than the estimate depending on actual usage, service options, subscription term and location. Contact your Dell Technologies Sales Representative or channel partner for more information. Dell Technologies distributors and partners are free to set their own resale pricing.

      Capacity expressed in TB where 1 TB = 2^40 bytes, capacity expressed in GB where 1 GB = 2^30 bytes.

      This calculator assumes a 730 hour month.

    • Block Services: Read and write maximum performance based on 256KB IO Size and 100% sequential read/write workloads in block optimized mode (per base TB). IOPS maximum performance based on random mixed block workload in block optimized mode (per base TB).

      File Services: Maximum read/write throughput performance based on NFSv3 protocol with 100% sequential read / write workloads (per base TB). Maximum ops/sec performance based on NFSv3 protocol with a common NAS File Sharing benchmark (per base TB). Performance metrics are based on specific base capacity points.

      Performance metrics are based on specific base capacity points. Higher performance could be achieved depending on subscribed capacity.

    • Find out how APEX Data Storage Services compares to the competition

      To help you evaluate the ordering and deployment experience across multiple vendors, we commissioned an independent, 3rd party study by Principled Technologies to evaluate three popular Storage as-a-Service solutions. APEX Data Storage Services provided a simple, straightforward process and delivered a much faster time to value than the other STaaS providers.


      It is time to rethink your IT operations

      Discover what the analyst community has to say about Storage as-a-Service, including the challenges addressed by this model and an explanation of why adoption is growing so quickly.

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      The benefits of choosing storage as-a-Service

      In order to keep pace with business demands, IT departments must shift their priorities and free up time to focus on the projects that matter most. ESG analyst Scott Sinclair unpacks the recent and massive rise in the adoption of as-a-Service and describes how Dell Technologies is delivering with APEX Data Storage Services.


      APEX Data Storage Services debuts in the Dell Technologies data center

      Serving as customer zero for Dell Technologies APEX Data Storage Services is more than just a testing exercise for Dell Digital, Dell’s IT organization.

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      The APEX Console experience

      The APEX Console is a web portal that allows you to discover, subscribe, set up, use, manage and scale IT solutions across on-premises and cloud environments.

    • Resources

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      Top Reasons to Choose APEX Data Storage Services

      Learn why customers choose APEX Data Storage Services to optimize for simplicity, increase agility and control their data.

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      APEX Data Storage Services Overview

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      APEX Data Storage Services Security

      Review the key considerations, protocols, features and recommendations necessary to maximize the security of your APEX infrastructure.

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      A Radically Simplified Storage Experience: APEX Data Storage Services

      Read the announcement of APEX Data Storage Services and learn how it combines the simplicity of cloud consumption with reliable, high performance and the control of being on-premises.

    • 1IDC WW Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, 2021 Q2 historical release, September 9, 2021. Ranking by vendor revenue.

      2OpEx treatment is subject to customer internal accounting review and policies.

      3TTV measured between order acceptance and activation. Subject to customer credit approval and site qualification, which must be completed before order placement, and customer participation in pre-deployment planning. Product availability, holidays and other factors may impact deployment time. US only.

      4Based on hardware availability on common underlying platform configurations. Actual hardware availability may vary.​

      5Source: A Forrester New Technology Projected Total Economic Impact Study, commissioned by Dell Technologies, June 2021. Estimates projected over 3 years, based on interviews with four organizations using APEX Data Storage Services, aggregated and combined into a composite organization, and survey responses from an additional 121 IT decision makers. Actual results may vary. Full report​.

      * Not available in all locations. Please contact your Dell Technologies Sales Representative for more information.