• Measuring business transformation progress around the world

    Emerging technologies are redrawing our world. Are businesses ready? Will they transform fast enough? To find out, we’ve explored the status of digital transformation around the globe.

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    • Business transformation is a prerequisite for all organizations

      The fact is, transformation is critical for every kind of business.

      That's why Dell Technologies, in collaboration with Intel and Vanson Bourne, created the Digital Transformation Index. We surveyed 4,600 business leaders across 40+ countries to analyze their organizations’ efforts.

    • Too many companies are lagging behind the digital transformation curve

      Overall, progress has been slow. Once again, just 5% are Digital Leaders.

      Select a country to find out how businesses are faring in that part of the world.

    • See how your organization stacks up

      How would your business do? Are you a digital leader or laggard? Find out by taking the online assessment tool and compare yourself against your peers.

    • These are the most mature countries

    • These are the most mature industries

    • Explore the Digital Transformation Index

      Find out what's holding organizations back

    • Many struggle to compete in a hyper-digital world

      Despite the inexorable pace of change, many transformation programs are still in their infancy. The situation is now urgent.

    • These are the top barriers to digital transformation

    • 91%

      of businesses are facing persistent barriers to digital transformation

    • The top barriers across the globe span a combination of technology, people and policy.

    • 1

      Data privacy and security concerns (up from #5 in 2016)

    • 2

      Lack of budget and resources

    • 3

      Lack of in-house skills and expertise

    • 4

      Regulation and legislative changes (up from #9 in 2016)

    • 5

      Immature digital culture

    • Investing in technology

      Only too aware of operating in a 'transform or die' landscape, businesses are formulating plans to overcome these barriers and restore confidence. Here are the top IT investment areas for the next 1-3 years.


      Cybersecurity: 58%


      Multi-Cloud: 44%


      Internet of Things: 46%


      Artificial Intelligence: 40%

    • Companies will succeed and fail based on their ability to translate data into insights at record speed. The work, innovation and investment to support that is happening now.

      Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO, Dell Technologies
    • Strengthening the workforce

      More companies are investing and making a concerted push to transform their workforce.

    • Realizing the digital future

      Over the next decade, every successful business will need to be digital at heart: powered by data, and running in a multi-cloud world.

      The time to act is now - while a huge opportunity remains in play.

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