• Unisphere

    • EMC Unisphere presents a new approach to unified storage management through a simple, flexible, and integrated user experience. Information is consolidated and visible through a single lens and managing storage is simplified by providing an intuitive, context-based approach. Users can customize their view and easily reallocate data. Unisphere also provides users with an extensive network of support and collaboration with other users.

    • Who chooses Unisphere, and why

      Storage administrators can benefit from the consolidation and simplicity of Unisphere's next-generation user interface. Users are presented with more granular end-to-end storage information and can access virtual and physical systems. In addition, VMware vCenter administrators can leverage Unisphere's advanced integration through plug-ins and VMware vCenter APIs for array integration (VAAI) support. Unisphere is also scalable, fitting environments that require storage specialists or environments that require IT generalists.

      How Unisphere works

      Unisphere provides a flexible, integrated experience for managing existing EMC CLARiiON and EMC Celerra storage systems as well as next-generation EMC unified storage—the EMC VNX and EMC VNXe series. This new approach to midtier storage management fosters simplicity, flexibility, and automation. Unisphere supplies storage administrators with intuitive task-based controls, customizable dashboards, and single-click access to real-time support tools and online customer communities.

      Benefits of Unisphere

      Unisphere delivers easy, midtier storage management. Its integrated user experience includes task-based navigation and controls that are context-sensitive. Dashboards and reports are easily customizable to support established storage management workflows.

      With its single sign-on capabilities, Unisphere automatically discovers all supported systems in the environment. With easy-to-use wizards and simplified menus, users complete daily tasks in fewer clicks. Unisphere support is available online so that users have instant access to product documentation, downloads, live chat, and ordering spares.