• Splunk makes it simple to collect, analyze and act upon the untapped value of the data generated by infrastructure, security solutions and business applications — giving you the insights to drive operational performance and business results.

    • Dell EMC Ready Architectures for Splunk are purpose-built for the needs of Splunk, helping consolidate, simplify and protect machine data. These Ready Architectures include the hardware, software, resources and services needed to quickly deploy and manage Splunk in your business.

  • The Right Technology for the Right Use Case


      Business Data Analytics

      Splunk Enterprise analyzes, visualizes and monitors machine data from any source — such as applications, mobile devices and servers — to provide insights to IT and business operations on-premises and in the cloud.


      IT Operations

      Splunk collects and correlates machine data so customers can quickly troubleshoot issues and outages, monitor service levels and detect anomalies.


      Log Management

      Splunk can consolidate and index any log and machine data, including structured, unstructured and complex multiline application logs.

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