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    • Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Data Analytics provide an end-to-end portfolio of predesigned, integrated and validated tools for big data analytics. Consisting of high-performance Dell EMC infrastructure, these solutions have been

      Designed to simplify deployment and operation of big data analytics projects

      Calculated to lower costs and to ensure a strong return on investment

      Optimized for performance and scalability 

    • Essential Resources

      Explore how data analytics solutions deliver business results.



      Customer Story: Panera

      Panera Bread uses big data analytics to drive their business

      Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Panera Bread uses Big Data analytics to drive their business, with #1 ranked customer loyalty.


      Customer Story: Mastercard

      MasterCard uses Hadoop to protect customers against fraud

      VP of Big Data Practice at MasterCard Nick Cucuru shares how his team is using machine learning to bring in large quantities of data and apply rules in milliseconds to protect customers from fraud.

    • Customer Story: Epsilon

      Epsilon uses Hadoop to support marketing multi-channel messaging

      PowerEdge servers provide the scalability and uncompromising AI/ML performance to help this data-driven marketer optimize campaigns in real time and fuel extraordinary growth.


      Customer Story: Prescient

      Prescient provides big data security analytics for improved traveler safety

      Watch Prescient CIO Mike Bishop discuss how Dell EMC Isilon and Hadoop provide Big Data security analytics for improved traveler safety.


      Customer Story: Jiguang

      Jiguang transforms its big data platform to provide mobile services for millions

      Jiguang is a leading brand of mobile data services, operated by China-based Shenzhen Hexun Huagu Information Technology Co., Ltd. Jiguang serves approximately 100 million customers through its clients.


      Customer Story: TACC

      TACC Wrangler, designed for big data analytics, supports academic and industry research

      The Texas Advanced Computing Center advances HPC and big data analytics resources for researchers nationwide with Wrangler, a Dell EMC flash storage based supercomputing platform.




      • Reducing risk
      • Detecting fraud
      • Credit scoring
      • Customer analytics


      • Improving patient care
      • Reducing costs
      • Risk mitigation
      • Fraud detection
      • Claims management


      • Ensuring regulatory compliance and validation
      • Biomedical analytics
      • Stability and shelf life


      • Achieving continuous process improvement
      • Product quality
      • Demand forecasting
      • Improved operations


      • Remote monitoring and alerts
      • Customer insight
      • Inventory management and agility
      • Perishable goods monitoring


      • Customer 360 insight
      • Retention
      • Segmentation
      • Loyalty



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