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    Driving industrial innovation to transform your business

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    • Dell Technologies OEM Solutions enables you to innovate faster and make things smarter and more efficient every day. Design your solutions to improve operational efficiencies, create new revenue streams and compress time to market by leveraging next gen technologies and by working with our team of experts and engineers.

    • Dell Technologies OEM Solutions Perspective

      Evolution of Industrial Automation

      Today, we’re at a fascinating inflection point. Industry 4.0 has become increasingly mainstream, due to the availability of affordable Edge infrastructure, the desire to gain new business insights from data plus the arrival of advanced connectivity technologies, such as 5G. How to take advantage of Industry 4.0 and deliver industrial Edge solutions for your customers?

    • Explore customer stories

    • Customer Story: Noodle AI

      Customer Story: Noodle AI

      Bringing Enterprise AI to manufacturing and supply chain

      See how the partnership between Noodle.ai, Dell Technologies, and Big River Steel is revolutionizing Industry 4.0 with an edge-to-edge AI network.

    • Turning the world on to cleaner and safer power

      Customer story: Doosan

      Turning the world on to cleaner and safer power

      Discover how Doosan reduced maintenance and equipment replacement costs while improving power-generation safety by partnering with Dell Technologies OEM Solutions.

    • Customer Story: BREMBO

      Customer Story: BREMBO

      Real-time fine tuning of manufacturing processes

      Learn how Brembo optimizes manufacturing processes worldwide to maximize efficiency and product quality using real-time data from its production lines.

    • Customer Story: Calibr8 Systems

      Customer Story: Calibr8 Systems

      Seizing the power of the network edge

      Learn how Calibr8 Systems helps energy companies transform the efficiency of their operations using IoT technology.

    • Customer Story: DUOS TECHNOLOGIES

      Customer Story: DUOS TECHNOLOGIES

      AI at the edge keeps trains on track

      See how Duos Technologies utilizes sophisticated AI at the edge to perform automated safety inspections at track speed.

    • Explore OEM solutions for your industry

      Dell Technologies OEM Solutions enables customers across a variety of verticals, including manufacturing, energy, building automation, marine and other markets.

    • Manufacturing


      Enabling Smart Factory and Connected Manufacturing in the era of Industry 4.0

    • Oil & Gas

      Oil & Gas

      Optimizing oil field operations from the edge to the cloud

    • Mining


      Developing, deploying, and supporting ruggedized solutions for the harshest of field conditions

    • Building Automation

      Building Automation

      Delivering solutions for commercial HVAC, water and waste management, smart cities and more

    • Utilities


      Transforming the grid to enable the digital utility of the future

    • Marine


      Bring value to the maritime industry from edge to cloud, and ship to shore

    • Webinar


      Next-gen technologies enabling connected manufacturing

      In Industry 4.0 companies are embarking on the transformative journey. The desire to gain new business insights from data, the availability of affordable IoT infrastructure, move to the edge, AI and the advent of 5G are driving strong demand.

      Hear from a panel of experts how manufacturers are transforming and how industrial solution builders can keep them ready for the era of new industrial revolution.



      Experience the future of manufacturing powered by emerging technologies

      Enabled by computing at the edge and other emerging technologies, manufacturers are creating data-driven, smart factories. See the benefits of real-time operational changes, automated systems and emerging technologies as well as predictive analytics and enhanced safety and security.

    • Products and Solutions for Industrial Automation

    • Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

      Tier 1 technology for the world’s toughest industries

      Bring enterprise-class technology to the edge. Extend the agility, scalability and simplicity of VxRail beyond the datacenter to space-constrained, remote, and harsh environments without compromising on functionality or performance.

    • OEM Rugged Servers

      OEM Rugged Servers

      Design your solutions on rugged servers

      Deliver ample power for any application with OEM rugged servers that are tested and certified for real-world industrial environments

    • Storage Solutions

      Storage Solutions

      Automate with advanced, modern storage technologies

      Address all workloads in the industrial automation market with a broad portfolio of storage and data protection solutions.

    • Desktops and Workstations

      Desktops and Workstations

      Build on industrial grade OEM client platforms from Tier 1 vendor

      High heat tolerance of desktops and high-power visualization for critical functions of workstations in a small footprint.

    • Rugged Mobility

      Rugged Mobility

      Engage employees wherever they are in industrial environments

      Broad portfolio of solutions to ensure employees are enabled and engaged wherever they are located.

    • Accomplish your vision with our OEM portfolio and expertise

      Tap into Dell Technologies knowledge and expertise to build your industrial solution. Contact us today.