• Cloud Data Protection

    Protect your data across all clouds

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      Data Protection for every step in your cloud journey

      Dell Technologies Cloud for Data Protection keep your data safe across private, edge and public clouds. Reduce business risk, meet regulatory compliance easily and optimize both costs and cloud disaster recovery capabilities while maintaining data control across your entire cloud infrastructure.


      Dell Technologies Cloud PowerProtect for Multi-Cloud

      Protect your data in multiple clouds from a single location

      Dell Technologies Cloud PowerProtect for Multi-Cloud supports a data centric approach to data protection for our customers, allowing them to separate their data and cloud management strategies across Public Cloud Providers. Now, our customers can use the compute and application capabilities of any cloud provider with their data residing on a PowerProtect DD Appliance powered by Faction.

    • Trusted cloud protection

      Protect your cloud data with a single solution that supports workloads on any platform and can cut cloud protection costs by 66%. Your data is safe, and you can extend backup and disaster recovery capabilities across your entire IT infrastructure.

    • Protect data everywhere

    • Use cases


    • Replicate data across public, private, and edge clouds

    • Back up your data to a second location to always protect and recover operations for emergencies. For optimal replication efficiency, you can choose between bidirectional, one-to-many or many-to-one topologies with a similar deployment model for all sites. You can also reduce costs by consolidating infrastructure and processes with full control of your cloud data’s secondary location.

      • Easily deploy through the Public Cloud Marketplaces.
      • Quickly replicate to, from and between cloud providers.
      • Leverage industry leading deduplication for lowest cost-to-protect.
      • Reduce egress costs with high deduplication efficiency.


    • Secure, simple, and cost-effective cloud disaster recovery

    • Lower IT infrastructure and administrative costs with fast recovery across your entire cloud infrastructure. With a familiar user experience requiring basic education and training, you can deploy disaster recovery testing with simple orchestration and automation including failover and failback. You can also ensure systems are converted and running on-time, in order and on the right network when automating policies.


      • Deep management integration with VMware.
      • Complete orchestration for test, failover and failback.
      • Extend your existing on-premises data protection infrastructure.
      • Secure minimal compute expenses running 24/7, spin-up resources only for a disaster recovery event.


    • Leverage cloud to accelerate your tapeless journey

    • With a broad backup and enterprise applications ecosystem from Dell Technologies, you can maintain data access across cloud providers and rely less on tape. Reduce administrative complexity and costs associated with long-term retention when natively tiering data across public, private or edge clouds. Only unique data is sent directly to the cloud, and when that data lands on the cloud object storage, it’s already deduplicated.

      • Low cost-to-protect.
      • Meet compliance and SLAs with built-in policy engine.
      • Supply efficient data transfer for long-term retention.
      • Support widely across backup applications and cloud providers.


    • Data protection for cloud workloads

    • Service agreements from all major public cloud providers explicitly state that customers are solely responsible for protecting their own data. Dell EMC Data Protection Suite enables you to deploy a cost-efficient, in-cloud data protection environment at-scale. Start protecting your cloud data today with an extensive library of application agents that are purchased from cloud marketplaces and managed with familiar tools.


      • Same functionality in public cloud as on-premises.
      • Eliminate cloud silos.
      • Available in AWS and Azure Marketplace.
      • Managed back-up policy from a simple user interface.
    • Protecting VMware environments and modern applications

    • Dell Technologies Cloud for data protection is integrated with VMware and deliver consistent security across VMs, cloud native containers and hardware stacks. As you deploy modern applications, this integration ensures flexible and dependable data protection, which includes cloud backup and recovery, monitoring, analysis and search capabilities.

      With the vSphere 7 and Tanzu releases, Dell Technologies Data Protection is your solution for protecting modern applications.

    • Protecting your cloud investments

      Make the most of your cloud investment with data protection, data management and data mobility from Dell Technologies Data Protection solutions. Whether you are working on AWS, Google or Microsoft Azure – or a combination of providers – Dell Technologies helps deploy and scale cloud data protection wherever your data lives.

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