• Autonomous Operations

    Dare to imagine a radically simplified path to Digital Transformation

      • Realize the full potential of your digital future by taking data all the way from insight to action.

        Digital transformation is no longer an aspirational target, but rather a modern-day business imperative.

        Many organizations struggling to find IT staff are told outsourcing may be their only option. We reject that notion.

        The path forward is clear. It must be operated autonomously by embracing the benefits of intelligent infrastructure and automated operations to improve productivity and gain more strategic value.

    • Automate How You Operate: Artificial Intelligence for IT

      Watch the Autonomous Operations think tank, hosted by Mark Hamill and futurist Dr. Michio Kaku, in a thought provoking discussion on intelligent and data-driven IT automation. You will learn about the current and future potential of IT automation as well as how to make sense of the complex landscape of innovative automated IT solutions driving the future of IT and the potential barriers it can break through.

    • Reshaping your digital future

    • A continuum framework for success

      Knowing where to augment your IT skills is as important as knowing when. To help make sense of the vast and complex array of existing and emerging technologies, Dell Technologies has created a continuum framework for IT automation. But this isn’t just an idea, it’s a methodology delivered by artificially intelligent operations and the ability to act on it with intelligent infrastructure, from edge to core to cloud with as-a-Service delivery models, so you can develop and deploy effectively.

    • Level 0: No Automation

      Level 0: No Automation

      Exclusively driven by manual actions.

    • Level 1: Operator Assisted

      Level 1: Operator Assisted

      Scripted and manual driven IT actions. Human input is required for all operations.

    • Level 2: Partial Automation

      Level 2: Partial Automation

      Rules-based decision making to achieve explicit outcomes. System is dependent on human for all input and intervention.

    • Level 3: Conditional Automation

      Level 3: Conditional Automation

      Inferred decision making to achieve generalized outcomes, including insights, recommendations and actions. System can handle most operations with some exceptions.

    • Level 4: Supervised Autonomy

      Level 4: Supervised Autonomy

      Automatically takes actions to achieve service-level objectives. Automatic alignment with these outcomes is expected. System can handle all operations with few exceptions.

    • Level 5: Full Autonomy

      Level 5: Full Autonomy

      Automatically takes action to align with organizational priorities. Alignment with these priorities is expected with or without human input. System can handle all operations without exception.

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    • The role of IT has forever shifted. Your time is now.

      We believe Autonomous Operations empowers employees to do more and be strategically valuable to the business. And only Dell Technologies has the framework and the breadth of innovative infrastructure automation to deliver on this promise.

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