• 5G is set to be the next generation of network connectivity and will transform the way we live, work and play. 5G will power a world of connectivity, enabling mixed reality experiences where the physical and digital worlds converge.

        As the very first mobile infrastructure built in the cloud era, 5G will be an indespensible part of our data-driven future. It has the ability to unlock the value of data in unprecedented ways.

      • 40%

        of global networks will be covered by 5G in 2024, handling 25% of the mobile traffic worldwide 1

    • Unleash access across your entire distributed IT infrastructure

    • Customer stories

      Learn how the next generation of network connectivity is transforming the way people, data and machines interact.


      A 5G blueprint to accelerate deployment

      Learn how Dell Technologies and World Wide Technology invested together to expedite a service provider 5G rollout and service delivery.


      The road to 5G MEC Platform

      SK Telecom is one of the first service providers to begin the journey to make edge computing a reality. Explore how they developed their own MEC platform.


      The ultimate 5G experience

      Learn how our customer Viavi developed a virtual test platform that emulates real data application so you can test mobile infrastructure.

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      In a few years, there will be a flood of 5G devices and pervasive coverage that will bring with them a never-ending stream of data. Here are five reasons why you need a data streaming platform.



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      In this episode, experts discuss the implications of 5G, corporate responsibility in the face of these changes, and the impact on the continued democratization of technology access across the globe.


      The era of hyper-connectivity

      In this episode, Dell Technologies Senior Vice President and Senior Fellow Liam Quinn explore the fundamental changes and possibilities 5G will bring.


      5G enabling virtual realities

      Learn how 5G enables simulating meaningful experiences in an increasingly virtual world — from the possible use of 3D modeling in virtual doctor visits to field trips to outer space.


    • The journey to 5G

      In this special MIT Technology Review, Dell Technologies CTO John Roese explains how 5G enables us to to extend from the cloud to mobile edges.

    • Economic disruption and the telco edge

      Find out how edge services can help network operators deal with the economic disruption currently being experienced by the telecoms sector.