• All-flash design, built from the ground up

      Dramatically improve IT operational efficiency, transform application workflows with copy data management, and reduce storage capacity requirements with inline data deduplication, all while delivering consistent high performance and advanced availability options with Dell EMC XtremIO.

    • Watch this video to see why XtremIO is the right choice. 


      Dell EMC XtremIO X2

      XtremIO X2 is the storage platform designed to support all modern virtual data center objectives. 

      • Up to 80% better response times for VDI—all without compromising efficiency1
      • 4 to 20 times data reduction using inline deduplication, compression, XtremIO Virtual Copies, and thin provisioning1
      • Proven availability over 99.999%, XtremIO is great for mixed workloads, virtualized applications and VDI2
    • The Purpose-Built Enterprise All-Flash Array

      • Modern data centers require storage that can consistently meet heavy performance demands, provide un-paralleled support to manage the entire virtual workload lifecycle, and deliver demanding SLAs. Dell EMC XtremIO, the purpose-built all-flash array, is designed for this virtual era.

        With multi-dimensional scalability, in-memory metadata, unmatched storage efficiency, rich application integrated copy services, metadata-aware replication, and unprecedented management simplicity, XtremIO delivers on the promise of a simple, agile, scalable, fully-virtualized data center — all while minimizing infrastructure footprint and TCO.


        Consistent High Performance: XtremIO delivers high performance with consistently low latency using the efficiencies of data deduplication.


        Storage Efficient Architecture:  Inline, all-the-time data deduplication, compression and thin provisioning result in massive storage efficiencies.


        Agile Copy Management:  Application-integrated copy services transform business workflows and accelerate true business agility.



      Designed to support the business requirements of workload and database management

      This release continues upon Dell EMC’s commitment to provide All-Flash data storage solutions that deliver consistent, predictable ultra-low latency, with valued feature functions supporting advanced functions for improved business operations while dramatically reducing costs and complexity. The key enhancements within XtremIO X2 v6.3 are designed to further accelerate your IT Transformation and embrace the modern data center concepts by:

      • Delivering on advanced data protection data models
      • Protecting from cyber and ransomware attacks
      • Reducing costs through increased levels of consolidation
    • "While other competitive arrays offer replication, Dell EMC argues that XtremIO is arguably one of the most efficient due to the inherent architecture design." - StorageReview

      Awards & Reviews

      Dell EMC XtremIO Replication Review

      "The X2-T gives Dell EMC a new tool to bring XtremIO's power and deep feature set to midmarket and smaller remote operations."

    • XtremIO Resources

    Customer Stories

    • Customer Story: American Red Cross

      Blood services transform via fast, high-availability, all-flash storage

      With XtremIO, American Red Cross has streamlined blood supply processing, distribution, and tracking of this critical and highly perishable product. 

    • Customer Story: Mitsubishi Motors

      Customer Story: Mitsubishi Motors

      Accelerating the efficiency of automobile design

      Mitsubishi Motors continues to empower staff through digitization – enabling XtremIO allows data to be accessible faster. 

    • Customer Story: Harel Insurance

      Harel assures its assets with XtremIO

      Harel Insurance uses XtremIO to improve performance and reduce data center costs while delivering a better customer experience.

    Product Overview


      Top Reasons Why Customers Choose XtremIO X2

      See why customers choose XtremIO to improve their infrastructure and transform their businesses.


      Introduction to XtremIO X2 Storage Array

      Learn how the unique features of XtremIO provide unmatched solutions to today’s data storage problems. 


      XtremIO X2 Architecture

      Learn how XtremIO’s unique design has been successful in exceeding 99.999% in uptime and resiliency against failures.


      Introduction to XtremIO Replication

      See how the XtremIO replication implementation reduces bandwidth and storage array utilization. 


      XtremIO X2 Spec Sheet

      System specifications for XtremIO X2.


      XtremIO Data Sheet

      Product datasheet for XtremIO X2 next-generation all-flash array.


      XtremIO for Virtualized Environments

      Learn why ESG believes XtremIO X2 provides an excellent foundation for IT transformation.


      High Performance and Advanced Functionality for Virtualized Environments

      Check out this ESG Lab Review documenting the testing of XtremIO X2.

    Demos and Videos


      Transforming Desktop Virtualization

      Learn why XtremIO is so effective with VDI.


      How XtremIO Manages Metadata and Copy Data

      Learn the key architectural benefits of XtremIO’s metadata and copy data management.


      Optimizing Transactional Workloads

      XtremIO goes above and beyond to provide an elegant software solution.


      XtremIO X2 4,000 VM Boot Demo

      Demo on XtremIO X2’s ability to boot 4,200 VMs on a single array


      XtremIO All-Flash Demo

      Delivering the capabilities and benefits of flash at the economics of disk


      XtremIO X2 with VMware vSphere

      Leverage VMware vSphere via plugin to create simple access to enterprise storage features.

    XtremIO Solutions



      XtremIO helps deliver on the promise of a simple, agile scalable, fully-virtualized data center.



      XtremIO architecture redefines performance and agility in SAP infrastructures.



      XtremIO transforms the way you deliver VDI with an amazingly consistent user experience. 


      Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM)

      XtremIO consolidates multiple workloads and entire business process workflows safely and efficiently.

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    • Based on Dell EMC internal testing, February 2017

      “With proven availability over 99.999%,” based on Dell EMC internal testing, March 2018.

      ESG Lab Review: “Dell EMC XtremIO X2: Delivering High Performance and Advanced Functionality for Virtualized Environments”, July 2018 (commissioned by Dell EMC)

      Accelerating Innovation Through Virtualization, July 2018