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      Location: Sands Expo & Convention Centre - Level 5

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      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom B - G


      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom B - G


      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom B - G


      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom B - G

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      Speaker: Dragana Beara, Portfolio Messaging Director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Dell Technologies

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom B - G

      This discussion shares Dell Technologies point-of-view regarding the key elements involved with transforming IT into a streamlined organization that helps enable the innovation engine within the organization to achieve a digital future. Topics discussed will include the modernization of infrastructure, operations, and service delivery.


      Speaker: Luke Mahon, Messaging Director, Workforce Transformation, Dell Technologies

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom L

      At Dell Technologies, we believe we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve your workforce transformation goals. We enable you to attract and retain the right talent and grow your business effectively by providing seamless and intuitive user experiences, simplified management, as well as trusted security. It is our job to help you put your employees first.

    • Dell Digital Way: Accelerating our Digital Transformation

      Speaker: Ajaz Munsiff, Senior Director, Dell Digital Way, Dell Technologies

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom K

      Today, every organization needs to be a digital organization, powered by data, running in a multi-cloud world – and Dell is no exception. This is the story of how we (Dell IT) are modernizing our own cloud infrastructure, empowering our digital workforce, and transforming how we design, build and deploy applications – to deliver engaging new customer experiences. And doing all this while securing the enterprise. We call this the Dell Digital Way!


      Speaker: Eric D'Angelo, Head, Security Transformation, Asia Pacific, Dell Technologies

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom J

      In the digital era, security needs to be at the center of your business. Threats are increasingly sophisticated, multifaceted, and expanding in number daily. Organizations need security at the speed of business. Learn how Dell Technologies’ trusted security solutions help you ensure security is an essential part of your business strategy to accelerate innovation.

    12:15 - 12:50 | Breakout Sessions


      Speaker: Kris Day, Vice President, Modern Data Center, Asia Pacific and Japan, Dell Technologies

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom B - G

      Are you wondering how you can release new digital products and experiences faster, or reduce the cost of maintaining your existing application portfolio so you can free up budget for innovation? Join this session to learn how you can accelerate your digital strategy by rethinking the way you design, build and run both custom and off-the-shelf applications.


      Speaker: Rakesh Mandal, Senior Director and General Manager, Dell Technologies

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom L

      Imagine a world where your IT team can stop spending the majority of their time on device set ups, app updates and support calls. Imagine what they can do with their time to solve critical business challenges and innovate. Stop imagining and learn more how you can revolutionize your business with Dell Technologies Unified Workspace.

    • Application Modernization – Transformation in Practice

      With NCS

      Speaker: Srirengan Kumar, Director, Chief Architect Office, NCS

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom K

      Digital Transformation is playing a key role in business transformation today. Many commercial enterprises and public sector agencies are transforming the way they interact and do business with end customers.
      NCS has been a key IT Systems Integrator in Singapore, working closely with the commercial and public sectors in their digital transformation journey. This session will highlight the key issues behind traditional architecture patterns and show how adopting new practices can help customers in transforming their businesses into modernized and digital enterprises.

    • Dell EMC Data Protection Portfolio Overview: Cloud-Enabled, Software-Defined, VMware Integrated

      Speaker: PK Gupta, Global Presales Lead, Data Protection, Dell Technologies

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom J

      In the digital era, where data is increasingly seen as an organization’s most valued asset, IT leaders are taking a data-first mindset with a focus on where it resides, how it is managed, and the way it must be protected. Learn how Dell EMC can protect your data—no matter where it is located—with simply powerful, cost-effective backup and continuous data protection solutions that improve uptime and avoid data loss. With simple, native VMware integrations and cutting-edge cloud functionality, our comprehensive portfolio of all-in-one data protection appliances and software-defined solutions protect you from edge to core to cloud.

    12:50 - 13:50 | Lunch Break & Solutions Showcase

    • Location: Sands Expo & Convention Centre - Pre-Function Area - Level 5

    13:55 - 14:30 | Breakout Sessions

    • Dell Technologies Cloud – Cloud Without the Chaos

      Speaker: Ronnie Ng, Senior Director, Systems Engineering, South Asia and Korea, Dell Technologies

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom B - G

      Managing multiple clouds is the new reality for organizations, but that doesn’t have to mean added complexity. See how Dell Technologies Cloud can improve your cloud experience with consistent infrastructure and operations across private cloud, public cloud, and the edge.

    • Work at Full Speed with Dell Client Solutions

      With Microsoft

      Speakers: Luke Mahon, Messaging Director, Workforce Transformation, Dell Technologies & Rena Chai, Head of Windows Commercial, Asia, Microsoft Operation

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom L

      Dell’s latest product line-up, featuring a completely redesigned mobility portfolio, is focused on delivering faster, smarter end-user experiences to get people productive more quickly and easily, and help them stay there. Learn how your employees can work at full speed.

    • Digital Cities: Delivering Citizen Outcomes By The Digital Transformation of Cities

      Speaker: Ferry Chung, Vice President, Digital Transformation, Asia Pacific Japan Region and Global Digital Cities, Dell Technologies

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom K

      Increased Urban migration is creating unprecedented challenges for urban planners. New technologies such as Autonomous Vehicles and environmental concerns are accelerating a paradigm shift in the way cities are designed & managed . Data will drive future cities where technologies such as Block Chain, Multi Cloud, Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning will drive City Council’s decision making. Dell Technologies is partnering with urban planners to power the future cities of the world which will be Intelligent, Inclusive, Efficient, Entrepreneurial, Sustainable & Safe (IES2).

    • Driving value through innovation: Dell EMC PowerEdge and PowerSwitch

      Speaker: Chin Wah Mak, Senior Director, Data Center and Compute, South Asia, Dell Technologies

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom J

      Infrastructure modernization is more than just raw computational horsepower or data throughput. Join us to learn how Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and PowerSwitch networking deliver innovative hardware features, management capabilities and strategic approaches to provide the greatest possible value for your business or organization.

      Futureproof your Edge Infrastructure : Framework and Use Cases

      With Vertiv

      Speaker: Daniel Sim, Senior Director, Channel Business, Asia, Vertiv

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom J

      Today’s avalanche of activity around the edge obscures the real story of edge computing. Understand the role a robust IT infrastructure plays in bringing the edge to life and how you can best prepare your infrastructure for edge deployment. Listen to different real life use cases of edge applications in varied fields such as agriculture, government and retail - and how self-contained, rapid deployment solutions like Vertiv SmartCabinet enable these customers to futureproof their edge infrastructure.

    14:35 - 15:15 | Breakout Sessions

    • Modernize and Transform IT with Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

      Speaker: Ted Aravinthan, General Manager and Sales Director, Cloud and Converged Systems, Asia Pacific and Japan, Dell Technologies

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom B - G

      Modern IT organizations want to eliminate complexity by extending consistent infrastructure and operations across their private cloud, public cloud, and edge computing environments. Learn how converged and hyperconverged infrastructure are helping businesses transform IT by simplifying and automating operations and delivering a turnkey experience, while also serving as the foundation for Dell Technologies Cloud platforms.

      VxRail HCI case study

      With PTC System

      Speaker: Desmond Yap, Presales Manager, PTC System

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom B - G

    • Endpoint Security Strategy for the Digital Age

      Speaker: Trevor Labrie, Data Security Account Executive, Dell Technologies

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom L

      Where and how people work is changing, and external forces make endpoint security a daunting, if not impossible, task. Make the impossible possible with Dell as your trusted endpoint security partner. In this session we will discuss security risks in today’s modern world, and how you can gain peace of mind and freedom to embrace your workforce transformation initiatives.

    • Digital Future Made Real: Smart Plant

      With Keppel Infrastructure

      Speaker: Andrew Sim, Head, Cyber Technology Information, Keppel Infrastructure

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom K

      Digital Future Made Real: Case study

      With Cisco Certis

      Speaker: Fuji Foo, Vice President, Business Digitalisation, Cisco Certis

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom K

    • Transforming Networking for Modern Applications: The SD-WAN Solution from Dell EMC and Vmware

      With Singtel

      Speakers: Nitin Acharekar, Head, Dell EMC Networking (South Asia and Asia Emerging Markets), Dell Technologies & Shu Yee Hoo, Senior Product Director, IP & International Data, Singtel

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom J

      Learn how the new Dell EMC SD-WAN Solution, powered by VMware, provides an all-in-one solution for complete WAN modernization. Simplify deployments and optimize networks with the SD-WAN Solution, consisting of flexible appliances from Dell EMC, dedicated cloud-based orchestration, preinstalled software-defined management tools, and access to global secure gateways-- all in one complete solution that is sold, serviced, and supported exclusively by Dell EMC.

    15:15 - 15:45 | Afternoon Break & Solutions Showcase

    • Location: Sands Expo & Convention Centre - Pre-Function Area - Level 5

    15:50 - 16:25 | Breakout Sessions

    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: A challenge to consider

      Speaker: Dragana Beara, Portfolio Messaging Director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Dell Technologies

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom B - G

      AI and ML are challenging the way that business is conducted and bring new considerations for infrastructure, for data, and for monetization. This session will look at some of these considerations and attempts at remediating them.

      Humanizing Enterprise Business Models with AI

      With Nvidia

      Speaker: Dr.Ettikan Kandasamy Karuppia, Developers Ecosystem Director, Enterprise Business, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand Region, Nvidia

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom B - G

      Every enterprise is challenged to improve their business operations for better services meeting customer needs regardless volatile external factors. Today, Startups to Fortune 500s finds deep learning and machine learning (AI) models are helping them to tackle these challenges due to it data intelligence capabilities and at the same time maintaining their human touch. Already, deep learning is enabling self-driving cars, smart personal assistants, and smarter Web services. But the opportunities aren’t limited to a few business-specific areas. AI and deep learning are shaping innovation across industries. Applications of AI, such as fraud detection and supply chain modernization, are being used by the world’s most advanced teams and organizations.

    • The Power of the Portfolio: Dell EMC Storage

      With Broadcom

      Speakers: Jay Tuseth, General Manager, Unstructured Data Solutions, Asia Pacific, Japan and China, Dell Technologies & Chee Lam Eng, Country Manager, Singapore, Brocade Storage Networking, Broadcom

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom L

      Data is rapidly becoming a significant source of capital in today’s digital economy—and organizations are sharply focused on how data is stored and managed. This session highlights the role Dell EMC plays in addressing today’s increasing demand for storage, featuring recent innovations across the industry-leading Dell EMC primary and unstructured storage portfolios. Specifically, new platforms and capabilities will be discussed, as well as new multi-cloud offerings and automation capabilities—all designed to unlock your data capital.

    • Edge, IoT and 5G: Connecting people and machines to data

      With APC Schneider Electric

      Speakers: Damian Murphy, Enterprise Technologist, Dell Technologies & Oliver Duric, Director, Datacenter Channel, Asia Pacific and Japan, South America, Middle East and Africa, Schneider Electric

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom K

      The Edge is a data-rich environment with new sources of information developing every day. To extract the maximum value of this data, connections between people, machines, and the organizations that transform data is vital. This session will look at how to extract business value from this data-rich environment.

    • Cloud Migration with VMware Cloud on AWS

      Speaker: Arthur Chong, Cloud Services Sales Specialist, VMware

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom J

      Rapidly and easily migrate vSphere-based workloads to the cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS. Reduce the risk and cost of cloud migrations compared to alternatives that require conversions or re-architecture. Leverage familiar VMware tools and skillsets to accelerate cloud migrations. Once in the cloud, leverage VMware and AWS services to modernize your applications at your pace.

    16:30 - 17:05 | Breakout Sessions

    • Understanding Digital Risks Lurking in the Shadows of Transformation

      Speaker: Charles Lim, Regional Director, South East Asia, RSA

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom B - G

      Digital initiatives like cloud, AI, IoT, and leveraging data for new insights are transforming businesses but are also changing the face of enterprise risk. Modern organizations must reassess how they identify, assess and treat the risks associated with deeper digitization of business. This session will highlight key areas of new risk, and best practices in preparing for Digital Risk Management.

    • Sweet Data Gold: Unlocking Siloed Data

      Speaker: Colin Pont, Alliance Director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Dell Boomi

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom L

      Done well, data is the gift that keeps on giving. The problem is starting with what we have. Join Dell Boomi to explore the paths on how to break down silos and unlock the value of data across your business ecosystem. Learn how to transform your business to increase efficiency, productivity and value.

    • You have a plan, now what?

      Speakers: Tsann Chang, Director, Dell Technologies Services Sales, Dell Technologies & Nazam Khan, Principal Consultant, Consulting Services, Dell Technologies

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom K

      While many business leaders have a Digital Transformation strategy, more than 90 percent of business leaders tell us they are facing barriers to executing on that strategy. Dell Technologies works with businesses of all sizes and industries, to remove barriers and accelerate adoption of emerging technologies and drive transformation. In this session we will share best practices of how IT teams are transforming people and process, as well as technology.

    • Pivotal Cloud Foundry Overview

      Speaker: Jay Lee, Advisory Platform Architect, Pivotal

      Location: Sands Grand Ballroom J

      In this session, we will discuss the evolution of application platforms and how to choose the correct developer abstraction to align with strategic goals in the enterprise. We will also provide an overview of Pivotal Cloud Foundry and how enterprises have adopted it to increase developer productivity, reduce operational cost, and create an environment for innovation to scale.

    17:05 - 17:30 | Lucky Draw & Solutions Showcase

    • Location: Sands Expo & Convention Centre - Pre-Function Area - Level 5