Webinar: All you need to know about hyper-converged Infrastructure

hyper-converged infrastructure

Ever wondered why hyper-converged infrastructure is called a superhero? Always wanted to know more but you don’t know where to go and what to read? Join EMC’s free webinar “Superhero in a Shoebox” and check out what our experts have to say.

It is one hour of time but a massive amount of information. The webinar “Superhero in a Shoebox: All you need to know about HyberConverged Infrastructure” will introduce you to the concept of hyper-converged infrastructure. Our experts Tom O’Reilly (VCE) and Lee Dilworth (guest speaker from VMware) will tell you what Converged can do for you and your business. They will answer anything you want to know about the topic. Whatever questions they don’t have the time to answer will be answered in the follow-up, and the webinar will also be available on demand.

Registration is very simple and for free. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 10th May at 1 PM CEST and take about 45 minutes. Check it out!

From converged to hyper

  • “Imagine ordering a brand new car – and it arrives in 27 boxes with a badly photo-copied instruction manual. That’s what data infrastructure is today. You hardly ever just get the key and drive off”, says Tom O’Reilly, CTO at VCE. However, hyper-converged infrastructure revolutionizes this. Not only is the set-up simpler, the cost smaller, and maintenance less complicated, but what you get is development speed and handling simplicity like you’ve never seen it before.When you hear people talk about this new approach, you often get things mentioned like limitless scalabilitylower cost, faster time-to value, and so on. But what does it really mean in practice? How does it impact your existing infrastructure and the money you spend on it? Why should anyone spend money on it, and what are the practical implications?With converged infrastructure you modernize your data center for simple and agile IT. This provides pre-integrated, validated and workload-optimized technology that frees your IT team to focus on delivering IT services instead of integrating and maintaining infrastructure. You will realize up to 5 times faster time to market and 95% less downtime.
    • Empower your organization with on-demand, cloud services that shrink time to market, reduce operating cost and fuel your digital transformation
    • Monetize information to gain a competitive advantage with big data
    • Accelerate the performance of critical workloads with flash based technology

Our experts

tom o reillyTom O’Reilly is the VCE’s chief technology officer for the Middle East and Africa, where he is responsible for implementing the vendor’s technology strategy for the region, working with counterparts globally to ensure that the benefits of converged infrastructure solutions are broadly understood by both customers and VCE business partners alike. He shows how converged infrastructure drives greater efficiencies in the datacenter, and demonstrates how organizations are able to move to business models that derive huge value from Big Data and analytics.

lee dilworth

Lee Dilworth is a Principal Systems Engineer within the Northern EMEA region at VMware. He is responsible for technical pre-sales activity relating to VMware’s latest storage and availability solutions. Lee works extensively with VMware customers and partners around the world providing technical expertise in the deployment and implementation of VMware’s various storage and availability solutions.

Superhero in a Shoebox: All you need to know about HyberConverged Infrastructure
10th May at 1 PM (CEST), Duration: approx. 45 minutes


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