VMWorld 2019: Key Announcements and what they mean for the MERAT

  • VMware will become the full-service shop for enterprise hybrid-cloud infrastructure
  • Trademarked new-gen IT will include containers, microservices, Kubernetes orchestration as well as new home-grown and acquired platforms
  • VMware recommits itself to adopting sustainable and socially responsible business practices, in line with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030
  • An MoU was signed committing to develop the next generation of digital leaders in Africa

VMworld 2019 redefines what’s possible

 Uniquely positioned as the multicloud, hybrid cloud company of choice, VMWorld 2019 once again proved that it is amongst the largest and most important IT conferences of the year. The event attracted over 23,000 attendees and saw the emergence of multiple themes around cloud computing.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, in his General Session Keynote highlighted the unprecedented growth in applications, the massive complexity in delivering and managing them, and how VMware helps customers harness this ‘chaos’ for business advantage.

VMWorld and Dell Technologies: Catalyzing the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the MERAT

The discussions at VMWorld 2019 couldn’t be more relevant to the MERAT Region. MERAT has had a clear drive to lead the way in digital innovation, with agenda’s such as the UAE Vision 2021, Saudi Vision 2030 and Kuwait Vision 2035 paving the way. Developing fully enabled digital economies of the future is at the center of these agendas.

The ‘Next Data Decade’ has already arrived, an era which will see breakthrough technologies change the way we live, work and play. Undoubtedly, at the root of all this innovation and advancement are massive amounts of data and compute power, and the capacity across edge, cloud and core data center infrastructure to put data through its paces.

Evolving to tackle emerging technologies

  • With the acceleration towards multi-cloud journeys to store and protect data, cloud and service providers will need to ensure better data management and visibility, while also ensuring that data remains accessible and secure. Connect & Protect at VMWorld 2019, showcased VMware’s security offerings including VMware NSX-T 2.5: A New Marker on the Innovation Timeline and VMware AppDefense.
  • Intelligent devices will change the way we work and collaborate, making AI and Data Analytics even more imperative and intrinsic. ‘Looking to the Future’, at the event reviewed emerging technologies focusing on AI, ML, hardware acceleration, cloud, edge computing, and IoT.
  • 2020 will see the accelerated simplification & automation of IT infrastructureas well as the consolidation of systems and services into holistic solutions to facilitate better control and fuel data automation. Manage with Consistency highlighted innovations across VMware’s hybrid Virtual Cloud Network – a fully software-defined networking fabric spanning clouds, data centers, and edge, enabling IT to build, run, and manage workloads consistently.

While the above are key VMware innovations meant to straddle the rapidly growing space between need and demand, VMWorld 2019 also introduced new proactive support enhancements to VMware Skylineincluding automated software compatibility checks, which when integrated with Dell Technologies SupportAssist would enable a richer, proactive support experience for customers running VMware and Dell.

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