Unity: The New Benchmark In Flash Storage


We live in exciting times where the world around us is fast becoming a digital landscape. This evolution is paving the way for a competitive and crowded IT environment, making it all the more confusing for organizations to find the best storage solutions for their needs.

Thankfully with EMC’s launch of Unity, customers and SME’s are presented with a new family of storage systems that helps them simplify and modernize today’s data center. Unity is a powerful combination of enterprise capabilities and cloud-like simplicity like no other, thus setting the industry standard in speed and efficiency.

Unity joins EMC’s all flash portfolio in delivering highly affordable file and block storage for small and medium-sized IT departments. The EMC Unity Operating Environment is the most flexible in the industry allowing customer’s to tailor the platform and storage for a range of applications, all the while being designed specifically to get the most out of flash.

So what makes EMC’s Unity special?

  1. It’s simple to setup (rack and stack in only 15 minutes!) and easy to manage with a self-service portal
  2. The modern design is up to 3x faster than our previous generation of VNX arrays, intuitive and comes with all inclusive EMC-IMAGEsoftware and support
  3. Flexible deployment allows you to choose from all-flash or hybrid configurations of data storage up to 5 PB depending on your enterprise needs
  4. Unity is covered by EMC’s modern data protection solutions, which allow 50% faster backups and a 30x faster recovery rate.
  5. And most importantly Unity is affordable, making it a cost effective way to consolidate and manage traditional and transactional workloads from just $10,000.

In fact, EMC is so good at what we promise, our customer partner Sean Wedige had this to say about Unity: “At Rackspace, we deploy a lot of storage arrays – we have to in order to support our customers’ growing needs for storage. And it’s business critical for us to do that quickly, simply and without downtime. Unity’s simple user interface and inflight patching means we can count on the fingers of one hand the number of clicks needed for provisioning, and can help ensure we never have to come offline to add more capacity. Unity provides us with a new level of flexibility and affordability; benefits that we’re then able to pass on to our customers.”

Unity is the new benchmark in delivering a product that is simple, modern, flexible and affordable, and continues EMC’s vision of making 2016 the Year of All-Flash for Primary Storage. Unity outperforms competitors and offers the benefits of proactive customer care as well.

Which Unity solution is right for you?

Unity All Flash Unity Hybrid Flash Unity VSA
Cost effective all-flash storage for simplified operations and reduction in datacenter footprint The optimal blend of flash and advanced data management, including integrated SAN and NAS capabilities Advanced storage and data management using server-based, shared or cloud storage capacity
Unified storage with all-flash performance Combines SSD performance and hard drive economy Compatible with Unity systems and features
Installs within minutes Installs within minutes NAS and iSCSI connectivity
Managed from the cloud Managed from the cloud Server, shared or cloud
Scales up to 5 PB Scales up to 5 PB Replicates data to and from Unity platforms
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Try the new Unity simulator for free here.


About the Author: Dell Technologies