Transform, Automate and Revolutionize with the Modern Data Center


Although EMC World concluded on the 5th of May, the announcements of cutting edge data center modernization strategies and new infrastructure to transform, automate and revolutionize cloud-based storage are still inspiring the IT market. This was all in honor of EMC declaring 2016 the Year of All Flash for Primary Storage.

If you missed our previous post on this announcement and some of the exciting product launches that came out of EMC World in Las Vegas, you can catch up here.
Cloud-based storage isn’t new, however EMC is modernizing the way in which we traditionally view the data center. “Any modern data center must extend seamlessly to the cloud, which is why we’re making cloud connectivity and cloud tiering an inherent capability of all of our products,” said Jeremy Burton, President, Products and Marketing, EMC Corporation.

Furthermore, customers are presented with a variety of cloud storage providers in EMC’s portfolio giving them flexibility, control and the opportunity to tier-up whenever required.

cloudCustomers trust their data, their most precious asset, to EMC and its storage products. It is therefore without a doubt, one of EMC’s strongest goals to innovate and accelerate the journey to cloud computing in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way. Which brings us to the launch and updates of these new exciting cloud products from EMC:

  • Virtustream Storage Cloud is a global cloud storage platform offering enterprise-levels of resiliency and performance combined with true Web scale. It is built for the world’s largest enterprises, service providers, and public sector organizations that require hyper-scale storage solutions while still incorporating EMC’s signature simplicity and efficacy.
  • ViPR® Controller 3.0 storage automation software is designed to bridge traditional and cloud native environments, with support for over 50 EMC and third-party storage products. This means that customers are able to condense manual tasks by up to 73%, which drastically reduces errors and improves time-to-market turnover rates. Customers can download a free trial edition of ViPR Controller here.
  • EMC LEAP, (previously codenamed Horizon), is a cloud native app for collaboration and transformation tools, set to revolutionize the content management industry. It is a suite of purpose-built, cloud-native content apps designed to help transform interactions with business content enabling a more intuitive and human experience.
    • LEAP Courier offers a consumer-grade user experience for secure and structured document exchange, validation and tracking.
    • LEAP Snap automatically captures, categorizes and organizes documents and related document information in real-time, turning unstructured content into actionable digital business information.
    • LEAP Concert enables the creation of a wide variety of documents in a collaborative but controlled environment.
    • LEAP Express is a lightweight app designed to easily browse, access, search and approve all content, no matter where it lives.
    • LEAP Focus is optimized document viewing app designed for mobile. It will dramatically improve reading and reviewing of business documents (like sales contracts and agreements) on the go by eliminating the frustrating “pinch-to-zoom” experience.

Our goal with the EMC LEAP family is to humanize the experience of interacting with business content,” said Rohit Ghai, President of EMC’s Enterprise Content Division. “Beautiful, intuitive, and purpose-built apps drive engagement, which has a ripple effect.”

We live in a digitally transformed world where data is the currency of a thriving new IT economy. And success is derived form a cloud native platform that is open, agile, software defined, analytics driven and secure. This is EMC’s vision of our industry and our world of digital living enabled by the modern data center.

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