The Importance of Trusted Security In the Modern Datacenter

Fighting today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks requires even more sophisticated protection and security. And any big company that stores a large amount of data (or money) becomes an immediate target to such attacks, most especially financial institutions, healthcare providers and customer retail portals.

In fact, cyber security is becoming a way of life. And it is therefore important for any (and every) business to be able to understand the immediate threats to their company as well as to their industry, and also know what’s happening around the world in terms of general cyber security.

When EMC partnered up with RSA to provide intelligence driven security programs to enterprises, they intimately understood the need corporations had for protecting their data and resources in one dependable platform. This partnership allowed RSA to share leading tech with EMC to launch new trusted security platforms. These same systems are now leading the industry in terms of advanced cyber solutions by providing actionable intelligence, comprehensive visibility and a single view of advanced threats.

At the time, RSA’s background had mostly consisted of encryption and authentication security models. So with EMC’s innovation, both companies were able to offer more advanced IT security products and services (beyond just authentication capabilities) to better protect their customer’s sensitive data. The fact that EMC was already a leader in big data made them the natural choice for RSA to partner with.

Some of RSA’s trusted security solutions from EMC include:

Fraud Management Solutions that help reduce fraud losses by preventing unauthorized access and use of sensitive customer information. It also provides a secure network for safe financial transactions across the web, e-commerce platforms, phone and mobile channels. This detection and prevention of fraud in real-time makes it an invaluable investment and asset to any corporation.

Advanced Threat Management Systems identifies, protects, and rapidly responds to technically advanced security incidents in real time. Coordinated responses to these breaches of security are handled promptly and effectively thus minimizing their effect on business operations and proft margins.

Advanced Cyber Defense includes readiness, responsiveness and resilience. It helps unify an organization’s security strategy, operations, and technology implementation by providing an actionable security-improvement plan, that is currently unrivalled by any other.

Security Analytics can handle big data and a provide a wider scope and a variety of analytics to make better and more accurate cyber security decisions – these decisions include resource management, threat management, data protection and risk assessment, which can all be accessed through one security platform.

Cyber security is without a doubt a key component in establishing a successful and trusted business. But with threats becoming more stealthy, targeted and interactive, the importance of advanced security is more necessary than ever! This means corporations need to have continuous security measures in place plus an active integrated backup and recovery system.

Allowing EMC and RSA to help secure your business is one of the smartest decisions a business owner and CIO can make. For more information on our products, including customer recommendations please visit

To understand more about EMC’s Trusted Infrastructure, watch the video below:

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