The Challenges with Big Data and Storage

(and more importantly, how to overcome them)

Data is no longer what it used to be. In today’s information-rich world, organizations tend to focus more on analytics than the actual storage architecture. But huge datasets alone will not do anything for you unless you have the right solutions in place to turn raw data into valuable insights.

Here are some of the biggest challenges in big data storage today, and how can you overcome them:

Challenge #1: Size

The beauty of big data is its capacity to dramatically grow and multiply; from enterprise business systems to new data sources like social media, log data, and the Internet of Things (IoT), organizations are capturing and storing tons of data on a daily basis. But as these datasets have changed and grown dramatically over the years, so must their storage solutions.

With the increased value placed on data, organizations who can monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot storage environments from an app anywhere in the world are going to have the advantage in innovating their industries. With Dell Technologies’ new (and free!) CloudIQ, we are taking storage solutions to new heights and giving organizations the resources to proactively configure, connect, and control storage issues accurately. CloudIQ acts like a fitness tracker for your storage giving businesses instant insights and up to 2 years’ of historical data to visualize and make long-term decisions for storage health, which brings us onto the next challenge…

Challenge #2: Security

Security is always a major concern for any business, and more so when it comes to big data. The rapid emergence of game-changing trends in the IoT era, enables devices to become smarter, but it also makes them more vulnerable. Therefore, data security needs to become a way of life because you cannot analyze data if you don’t have anywhere safe to store it!

Thankfully, there are many layers of security that can help you prevent unauthorized access, including software solutions, endpoint security, and personnel best practices. With Dell Technologies’ PowerEdge Servers, performance and flexibility create the perfect balance for software-defined storage. This will further strengthen Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, driving smarter and better business outcomes by turning data into intelligent insights in real-time.

Challenge #3: Quality

Your data won’t be much good to you if it’s poor quality, slow, or hard to access. Organizations are investing in SAP HANA for its blazing-fast performance and its ability to process massive amounts of real-time data stored in RAM as opposed to reading it from a disk. So, it’s a no-brainer that these same organizations will want to deploy solutions that can support the power and optimize the infrastructure of SAP HANA.

At Dell Technologies, our mission is to derive business value from your data and turn it into revenue. By leveraging Dell Technologies VMware vSphere 5.5 and SAP HANA for live production, AMG-Mercedes has been able to not only simplify their data center operations but the CIO, Reinhard Breyer, also believes that this might be the key to the future of their organization. Increased capacity, speed, and accuracy at lower to no costs are just some of the other benefits of deploying SAP HANA migration.

Everyone is talking about massive data growth, but not enough of us are talking about the challenges. Open a discussion with one of our expert consultants or learn more about  Dell Technologies’ Big Data solutions.

About the Author: Dell Technologies