Speeding Up Your Transformation With Converged Infrastructure: Meet the VxBlock System 1000

Digital transformation is the process of creating value, stimulating growth, and forging a competitive advantage through new products, services, and business relationships that are data-centric and data-driven. It’s about changing how business gets done and embracing new technologies in the process. That is why we at Dell EMC are committed to providing modern converged solutions in a stable, reliable, and operationally efficient platform for mission and business-critical applications, while simultaneously ensuring those systems have the performance and scalability to be critical elements in new digital business efforts.

Meet VxBlock System 1000

Greater business agility comes with the ability to choose the right mix of resources and data services that your evolving applications need, when they need them. This is why we have worked tirelessly to improve data center efficiency by pooling and sharing resources to maximize utilization, eliminate stranded capacity, and increase ROI. We’ve also generated better operational simplicity through a turnkey, automated engineered system experience and life cycle assurance that frees up resources allowing you to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure management. These exciting and powerful benefits all come included with Dell EMC’s new VxBlock System 1000 – want to know more?

Freeing up your best resources for innovation and digital transformation

With VxBlock System 1000, Dell EMC has broken the physical boundaries of traditional converged infrastructure (CI) to give businesses the unprecedented simplicity and flexibility to meet all of their application data service needs with a next-generation, all-in-one engineered system.

Traditional converged infrastructure systems often require you to choose different systems for different applications’ performance, capacity, and data services needs, but with VxBlock System 1000, organizations have the unprecedented choice to mix, share, and adapt pools of market-leading storage, data protection, and compute resources for all workloads to maximize performance and utilization. We’ve also ensured that our brand new state of the art CI system is NVMe-ready, to ensure that your system is future-proofed and primed to deliver on extreme performance requirements.

#1 in Converged, now all in one system

As pioneers of the CI industry, we have enabled thousands of customers to achieve digital transformation and business transformation. And for us it is not just about the infrastructure, but about the operating models and how they simplify IT. Some of the top reasons why customers choose VxBlock System 1000 are 61% lower cost of operations, 99% less unplanned downtime, and a 640% 5-year ROI!

“Installing the converged VxBlock System allowed us to take a ten-year step forward in technology with a single purchase. By using the VxBlock System to transform our data center, we now have the ability to deploy solutions in hours as opposed to weeks.” — Ryan Deppe, Network Operations Supervisor, Cianbro Corporation

So what are you waiting for?

Dell EMC’s VxBlock System 1000 is the next-generation converged infrastructure system, specifically designed to deliver greater business agility, improved data center efficiency, and better operational simplicity. It is a fully integrated system that supports 4 different Dell EMC storage types, 2 different Cisco compute types, Cisco networking, and Dell EMC integrated data protection options, all in one system! Get started and find out more here.

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