Renewable Energy and the Future of Dubai: The Dell Technologies and MORO Partnership

Rapidly gaining a global reputation as a hub for innovation and creativity, Dubai continues to inspire and achieve high levels of excellence in government services. And the energy sector is no different. With steps being taken to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources, Data Hub Integrated Solutions LLC (MORO), a fully-owned subsidiary of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), has partnered with Dell Technologies to develop and deliver cloud computing solutions, integrated infrastructure administration services and servers, secure data storage solutions, and innovative information technology applications to disrupt the utility business model.

THE CHALLENGE: Renewable energy is the future.

The UAE’s gross domestic electricity consumption has more than doubled over the past ten years and is predicted to surge over the next five years as population and GDP grow. In anticipation of these changes, Dubai launched its Smart City initiative in 2014, including the commitment to provide a clean environment to its citizens using cutting-edge ICT innovations.

DEWA is showing its support by partnering with Dell Technologies to create Digital DEWA. Together we’ll re-imagine — and disrupt— operational procedures of a public utility company by enhancing the productivity and happiness of utility customers through various digital transformation initiatives. In fact, we are already leveraging innovation to become the world’s first autonomous, renewable-energy utility offering AI-powered digital services with the Mohammed bin Rashid Solar Park.

THE SOLUTION: Mohammed bin Rashid Solar Park

Projected to offset 1.4 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, to power 160,000 homes by 2020 and increase the city’s total power output to clean energy by 75% by 2050, the Mohamed bin Rashid Solar Park is balancing the city’s economic needs with its environmental goals. But achieving these impressive figures requires a strong ICT foundation layer that is open, agile, software-defined, and secure.

Dell’s contributions offer MORO cutting-edge co-location, cloud-computing, and managed business services to advance the regions’ digital agenda. This will go beyond traditional cloud computing to deliver a global benchmark in one-stop-shop services and first-class customer experience using Virtustream, our enterprise-class cloud service provider. In fact, we’ll be able to leverage smart applications that integrate with smart meters and grids to deliver an ultra-fast-service connection, provide predictive analytics for quick response times, and for efficient rationing and proper energy usage.

THE RESULT: Meet Rammas

The end goal of Dubai Smart City is that technology will be seamless within our everyday lives, and our take on this for the energy sector is Rammas; DEWA’s first virtual employee. Rammas uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL), and robotics to analyze and understand the needs of its customers. Data is stored, managed and protected with Dell Technologies infrastructure, allowing DEWA to continue innovating, and understanding where to focus their energy.

The Al Maktoum Solar Park underscores the UAE’s forward-looking energy strategy, and with Dell Technologies as DEWA’s foundational partner, we are on the road to transforming the way MORO operates, automates, and enhances its IT services.

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