Optimizing Cloud Native Apps! Dell EMC Looks at Their Role in Enterprise Businesses

Developers are passionate about creating new applications that are scalable, resilient, cost-effective, and focus on delivering value to their customers. In order to achieve this, many turn to cloud computing. But competing in the digital age can be expensive and time-consuming, so is the shift to Cloud Native Applications worth all the industry buzz and investment?

Optimizing and scaling for the future.

The new goal for IT today is keeping end-users happy – but it’s always a good idea to keep developers happy too. With the growing trend of Cloud Native Apps, organizations can rest assured that they are not only meeting this goal, but they are also supporting their IT teams to innovate quicker in a more flexible, cost-efficient environment.

There are a wide variety of approaches to application modernization – ranging along the spectrum from app repackaging to re-platforming to full-on refactoring. And every time you turn around,  there seems to be a new tool or project designed to make your life easier. By switching to Cloud-Native, IT teams can better streamline their workflow by offering organizations greater agility, resilience, and portability across clouds.

In addition to the speed and open-nature of cloud-native apps, scalability is a big selling point, and with very good reason too – traditionally applications were stored in the data center and billed at a fixed rate, often at a huge financial cost to the organization. Now enterprises are required to pay only for the computing resources used, and only for the time frame they are used. Consequently, this results in savings of thousands of dollars every year, plus enterprises can also expand their application lifecycle.

With the use of micro-services, cloud-native applications can scale and recover services independently and as needed. Furthermore, DevOps methodologies and continuous integration/availability become more relevant and important because they are built and launched rapidly with the option to scale-out, thus further enhancing the bottom line and profitability.

Cloud Native is worth the time and money.

Switching to Cloud Native does not just involve moving your applications to the cloud, in fact, it involves a completely different approach to infrastructure, application development, and team structure in a way that takes full advantage of these cloud technologies. Dell EMC is ready to help accelerate Cloud Native Application development, deployment, and management in your business by equipping your IT team with Converged (CI) and Hyper-Converged (HCI) platform services, which offers developers a very rich experience while simultaneously helping companies deliver increased business value quickly.

To ensure that you are migrating the right applications to CI and HCI, Dell EMC collaborates with you to understand your unique business drivers combined with our Application Profiling Services to determine the best candidates to move to a Converged Infrastructure. We even take this a step further by creating a detailed action plan using an automated analytics system to give you a balanced, objective view of your portfolio and clear direction to drive consumption.

Cloud Native Apps leverage your infrastructure to achieve profitable business outcomes faster and easier than ever before, in a more flexible, scalable environment. Are you ready to make the transition?

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