KSA 2030 vision rises through the clouds.

The month of October 2017 marked an incredible step towards the realization of KSA 2030. An agreement signed between Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), Virtustream, and Dell EMC put together the next step in advancing the Kingdom towards the technological status it sees for itself. Together, the 3 partners announced an agreement towards enabling cloud computing services at the Mobily Melgha 2 Data Center in Riyadh, linking up with the existing data centers located at Dammam and Jeddah.

This development, is a much needed move in the right direction. Businesses are realizing the importance and value of cloud computing services for its high operational efficiency, enhanced productivity, and reduction in operating expenses. It naturally follows, that in order to progress towards the vision of KSA 2030, cloud computing services need to be the central focus of the IT & communications sector.

With demand for cloud computing services soaring to unseen heights in the Kingdom, the establishment of this data center will provide local businesses greater flexibility in running their operations without compromising any standard of service. I believe the new data center will also provide a larger incentive for businesses to migrate their operations to the cloud, as businesses located in Riyadh will benefit from the close proximity of the data center, ensuring shorter data transfer times and faster processes.

Mobily’s new Data Center in Riyadh, bridges the gap between its Dammam and Jeddah centers. Providing geographical coverage that was disjointed and links the kingdom to the cloud from coast to coast. This drives immense value for the Kingdom as all provinces will have better access to the cloud and can benefit from the plethora of services and operational efficiencies Cloud Computing Services can avail to unlock new enterprise value.

Dell EMC is committed to being at the forefront of this value creation by providing world-class technologies and advanced, innovative infrastructure to ensure increased efficiency and productivity for businesses in the kingdom. Through the efforts of the government, our key partners, and our teams, we foresee great technological breakthroughs that will empower the kingdom to soar to new heights in its effort to realize the vision of KSA 2030.

About the Author: Dell Technologies