Hybrid Cloud Eliminates Security Fears Over Full Cloud Integration

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Although many corporations are keen on embracing a cloud system, most are reluctant to deploy it over security fears. These fears arise out of the fact that a few years ago, cloud computing was progressing at a much quicker rate than cloud security, which resulted in security holes and blind spots. Today however things have changed drastically, and soon cloud security will out-match the security of traditional non-cloud systems.

For enterprises considering cloud migration, certain compromises may be required depending on whether they are opting for private, public or hybrid cloud solutions. And this is often where these security concerns appear.

In the case of public cloud solutions, organizations may be required to relax certain security policies, or even handover complete responsibility to their cloud provider. Although some workarounds may be possible through the integration of virtual or physical appliances that complement the existing cloud architecture, the sudden shift in control and management for data security can be enough to delay enterprises from deploying the cloud.

But the solution to the fears over cloud security could lie in the integration of a Hybrid Cloud system.

What Is Hybrid Cloud?

In basic terms it’s a combination of private cloud storage and public cloud services. The benefit of having both cloud capabilities means that enterprises have options and options are good, especially when it comes to security.

Businesses can use the secure on-premises private cloud storage for sensitive information and the public cloud for low cost bulk storage, resulting in a lower operating cost/workload. And with EMC’s Hybrid Cloud, data protection can be applied consistently across services, and workloads reside where they have the appropriate degree of protection.

EMC’s Hybrid Cloud Stimulates Business Agility through Innovation and Change

Deploying Hybrid Cloud allows enterprises to effectively protect, manage, search, restore, migrate, and analyze data spread across multiple clouds. Additionally Hybrid Cloud can accelerate progress and amplify the benefits of digital initiatives, making it today’s best infrastructure for digital business.

And to give corporations peace of mind over security fears, data protection is integrated right into the self-service portal of EMC’s Hybrid Cloud thereby enabling users to choose their own backup policies. Additionally CIO’s can monitor the status of the backups, and perform both on-demand backups and restores.

In the event of a site disaster, recovery can be done by triggering a failover of the entire private cloud infrastructure to a remote site. This key feature from EMC preserves the entire cloud environment and closes Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) gaps.

EMC complies with best security practices and keeps data protected and readily available. Workloads are secure wherever they are in the cloud, meaning that your corporation can take advantage of the public cloud environment with confidence, knowing that you own and control the encryption keys. Furthermore data is provided at rest encryption.

Furthermore, the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution is a complete stack. Below is a visual of what the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Federation Software-Defined Data Center Edition (VMware/EMC Federation products) looks like, which also includes a sampling of some of the optional add-on modules:

Hybrid Cloud VMWare

What’s The Bottom Line?

As cloud computing evolves so too does security. Hybrid Cloud has the necessary underlying characteristics for keeping pace in a fast-changing digital economy: speed, flexibility, reliability, scalability, and cost effectiveness. And with EMC as a partner, security and trustworthiness can be added to this portfolio.

At EMC, the cloud is integral to everything that we do. We’re cloud enabling our entire portfolio and we’re continuing to invest in our cloud-as-a-service offerings for those customers looking to purchase data protection-as-a-service.

The switch to the cloud is simpler and more secure than ever with EMC. Best in class technologies, a 24% reduction in IT costs and one-call support, guarantee that organizations can get up and running quickly and effectively with Hybrid Cloud.

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