Flexible IT Consumption is Accelerating IT Transformation

In a rapidly changing IT environment, organizations are using technology as a way to transform and rethink their business models, and changing the way we live and work. However, many startups and smaller businesses face financial roadblocks, as they are unable to afford the overhead costs of deploying a modern IT infrastructure. Additionally, many IT leaders are apprehensive about adopting new technologies due to unforeseen costs and potential risks, but they are equally concerned about falling behind their competitors if they do not invest in IT transformation.

This catch 22 situation sparked the inspiration behind Dell EMC’s flexible IT consumption model. “With flexible, simple and predictable payment solutions, we can help organizations adopt the technology—from the desktop to the datacenter—that best suits their business needs today and allows a more pay-as-go model for modernizing and transforming IT,” said Howard Elias, President, Dell EMC Services and IT.

Simple. Scalable. Affordable.

Consumption based payment solutions align technology expenses with actual usage, much like the way we pay for our water and electricity. In fact, pay-per-use models have been disrupting various industries for years and its about time that we should do the same with IT.

By shifting cost-prohibitive capital expenditures to more favorable ongoing operating expenses, companies are more likely to adopt new technologies and embrace digital transformation. This also frees up capital, which can then be used to innovate. This new financial elasticity gives companies the ability to handle unpredictable spikes in demand or changes in business needs, thus permitting a long-term IT solution.

We believe that flexible consumption models such as these will become the standard for IT investments going forward. Dell EMC is committed to expanding our services and payment solutions so that we can continue to encourage digital transformation across all industries. In the meantime, we are proud to announce the launch of these flexible consumption models:

  • Flex on Demand allows customers to pay for only the storage that they use, thus reducing overhead costs. But Flex on Demand also provides instant access to additional buffer capacity during spikes driven by the business and automatically adjusts payments to match usage.
  • Cloud Flex for HCI is another way that we are offering infrastructure as a service and provides a solution for IT leaders who are torn between choosing on-premises or hosted cloud service. With simple monthly payments that decrease over time (up to 30% annually), Cloud Flex on Demand allows you to experience cloud-like consumption on a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) with no up-front fees or financial risks.
  • PC-as-a-Service provides a much-needed solution to relieve the burden and cost of IT management. Our solution combines PC hardware, software, and end-to-end services in one predictable price per seat per month that supplies organizations with IT management, deployment, security, and support, thus alleviating stress and heavy financial costs.
  • Transformational License Agreements allows businesses to consolidate software licenses and billing in one simple agreement. This shift gives unprecedented flexibility for the way in which software is consumed, making it ideal for dynamic environments or evolving business needs.

Modern solutions for modern businesses.

Flexible consumption models reflect the modern day trend in offering customized solutions that are more affordable and easy to adjust. Dell EMC is committed to supporting all of our partners on their journeys of digital transformation, which is why we are still the only technology provider in the world to offer a portfolio that covers the entire IT eco-system – from the edge to the core and cloud.

Realize you digital transformation goals with one of our new flexible consumption models – reach out to one of our consultants here.

About the Author: Dell Technologies