EMC World & The Year Of All-Flash for Primary Storage


Exciting New Product and Service Launches at EMC World

EMC World is currently under way in Las Vegas with the aim of addressing complex data center priorities for clients. The first step towards balancing these conflicted IT priorities for us, was to modernize the foundation on which IT is built. To do so, EMC has declared 2016 “The Year Of All-Flash for Primary Storage”.

During this week, EMC has taken big steps towards helping customers update their data centers through multiple product and service launches. The commitment to flash, where EMC already leads the market, is extended by innovations designed to support both traditional and next-generation applications that pave the way to the modern data center. Additionally as a one-stop-shop for personalized, actionable insights about their products, service levels, and support, EMC is simplifying data center operations and the customer service experience.

The CEO of EMC Information Infrastructure, David Goulden, had this to say about our new launches:

“The IT industry is in a state of massive transformation, resulting in both disruption and great opportunity. Every business leader, across every indupersonstry, is facing the dilemma of how to support and grow traditional IT infrastructure while modernizing the data center in order to support the development of new applications and advance their digital agendas. Some are doing all of this simultaneously. The products and services announced today will help advance the customer’s journey to build a modern data center in order to thrive as a digital business.”

To celebrate “The Year Of All-Flash for Primary Storage”, EMC expanded its market-leading all-flash portfolio with the new EMC Unity family of storage arrays. These innovative packaged solutions are designed for small and medium sized IT departments to ease the transition from disk to flash simply and affordably, thus helping clients facilitate their way into modern data storage solutions.

Our responsibility towards our customers facing complex data center priorities extends beyond flash too. EMC is breaking new ground yet again with these never-before-seen capabilities and is laying the foundation for users to address some of their most pressing challenges to support innovation. As a result EMC is proud to announce the launches of these additional technologies at EMC World:

  • MyService360 is a free new personalized cloud-based service dashboard for all EMC clients. It is built with powerful analytics, actionable insights and near real-time information for IT departments to quickly and proactively address risk-readiness, avoid issues, and expedite resolutions.
  • Enterprise Copy Data Management (eCDM) is an expansion of EMC’s Copy Data Management portfolio which helps customers tackle data sprawl and reduce the cost of storing and managing multiple copies of the same data with a cloud-based analytics service.
  • DSSD dual D5 was created for high performance databases and data warehouses. It effectively delivers the world’s fastest all-flash converged system; with 2X the IOPS, bandwidth and capacity, one-third the latency and a lower TCO than the fastest solution for databases on the market today.
  • EMC {code} Projects launched the new open source initiative Polly and released enhancements to REX-Ray. Polly is designed to provide storage resources for Cloud Foundry, Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos, while REX-Ray supports additional security features, a new distributed client/server model, and an integration to Polly for scheduling storage resources across container platforms.

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