Diversifying the Workforce in KSA

In an attempt to move forward towards a brighter future, the government of Saudi Arabia is recognizing the impact of some crucial decisions on the ambitious vision of the economy. Gradual adjustments need to be taken seriously to modernize the economy of the Kingdom. One remarkable change which is being implemented and embraced by the Saudi workforce is adding a feminine spirit to it. In a land where men are outnumbered by women among the university graduates; huge numbers of females joining the Saudi workforce is taking mainstream worldwide media by storm. This radical step works in favor of the Kingdom’s 2030’s vision to achieve a prospering economy and a healthy community.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, the Saudi workforce faced a huge increase from 12% to 30% in the number of women joining the private sector between the years of 2011 and 2017. Furthermore, the Saudi daily Okaz, reported that 40% of the private sector’s wealth in the kingdom is in the hands of women which own around 15,000 commercial institutions.

This is a promising beginning which will unlock infinite opportunities to both the Saudi economy and society. It enables the nation to reinvigorate social growth in order to enhance quality and competency, and strengthen ties with the private sector because everyone is responsible in building a brighter future for the kingdom, and every citizen should contribute to help Saudi Arabia evolve and progress continuously to keep pace with rising expectations and challenges. This demands sustaining high standards of credibility and transparency, and a huge commitment to provide only the highest levels of performance.

Dell EMC is contributing to this major female evolution in the Saudi workforce by providing the EMC Academic Alliance program which addresses the lack of women in the IT force by empowering them and educating them on the emerging digital sphere. Revealing technological innovations to females will create a nourished yet competitive environment in the industry as well as develop enormous digital opportunities to the community to utilize in its expansion, sustain e-government human resources, and create tech-savvy individuals.

Generating a vibrant society is a vision to be transformed into reality geared by the ambitious steps taken by the leaders and believers of Saudi Arabia 2030 vision. It is a destination which will be reached with men sided by the women of this great nation, because only aligned contributions will result in mighty outcomes.

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