Digital Transformation with a Saudi Flair

The anatomy of digital transformation is simple, but it’s not easy. Becoming more efficient, saving money and deploying new technology are great goals, but they do not equate to digital transformation. In fact, digital transformation requires a thorough reimagining of the business through a digital lens – both in the workplace and through customer engagement. Businesses need to remodel their workflows to utilize technologies to streamline their operations and internal as well as external processes. This understanding is what defines digital transformation, and through it, businesses can move their operations to the next level.

By evolving from old-fashioned analog business processes (often physical or paper-based) to strictly digital, organizations have the opportunity to build deeper customer engagement and revolutionize their industries from the ground up. This transformation involves the development of new business models and revenue streams, which ultimately puts the customer at the center of everything.

With the recent boom in adoption of technologies and digital platforms following the announcement of KSA 2030 vision, more and more companies and businesses are digitally transforming (or planning to transform) their businesses. The observable successes of the businesses that take the digital leap has inspired other businesses to follow suit, and the digital transformation wave carries on gaining momentum.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at this time, is a fertile ground to observe the evolution of digital transformation and how through it, ripples of higher efficiency, greater value, and increased productivity can be witnessed through all levels of business and society. From customer interactions, to business operations, to governmental development, the kingdom as a whole is on the cusp of developing into a digitally transformed country, culminating in a truly majestic realization of KSA 2030 vision.

We expect to see a heightened sense of importance focused on digital transformation in the coming years, with the goal of taking the Kingdom to new heights and wider horizons being a collective driver of productivity and progress.

About the Author: Dell Technologies