Dell Technologies marks World Mental Health Day

“One in four people will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives”

World Mental Health Day is a significant chance to support and be more open about mental health. Even more important is breaking the stigma and offering people a chance to change their lives. According to statistics, people with mental health issues often face difficulties and obstacles when it comes to taking the decision to recover due to the social stigma and discrimination attached to mental health.

At Dell Technologies, we are proud to have addressed the stigma around mental health issues and show support to everyone through difficult times for the second year in row. To mark World Mental Health Day we held a successful event on 13th of October at the Dubai office, where all all team members showed their support by wearing GREEN. The event included a 30-minute informational session on Psychotherapy by Dr. Ava Ghasemi – a licensed clinical Psychologist who specializes in consultations pertaining to Anger Management, Stress Management, Self-Awareness and Depression.

Let’s not ignore emotional pain and show more support in breaking the stigma together!

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