Dell EMC Forum 2016 Let the Transformation Begin!


The integration of EMC into Dell Technologies is the largest technology merger in history. And this exciting announcement in conjunction with the Dell EMC Forum in Riyadh sets up the perfect opportunity for Dell EMC’s customers to come and experience the number 1 in everything, now all in one place.

Taking place on 28th November 2016 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh, participants will be able to connect with peers and experts alike in a variety of different IT fields, and get unique insights into how the Dell EMC merger is different from other mergers in the technology industry.

The start of the next industrial revolution is upon us!

Dell EMC is excited to announce that the theme of this year’s Forum is ‘let the transformation begin’, and with Saudi Arabia’s recent announcement of Vision 2030, this could not come at a better time.

Today’s rapid integration of mobile, social media, cloud computing and big data into everyday life is changing customer behavior and creating a whole new digital world. Organizations and countries like KSA, need to be able to adapt in order to stay competitive and relevant. Although Vision 2030 is a carefully mapped out approach to digital transformation, the first step for any organization, is to understand what role ICT can play in helping them achieve their own business objectives and future growth.

As Saudi Arabia prepares to set an example for other emerging markets by implementing its Vision 2030, there is a growing interest in facilitating innovation amidst the public sector. A sustainable service-based economy fueled by innovative technologies is the end-result, but getting there, Saudi organizations need to make a concerted effort towards changing the way IT is consumed and delivered.

Businesses must deploy technologies like hybrid cloud, hyper-converged infrastructures and software-defined storage. And thankfully many organizations are ready to embrace these new technologies to take them through to the digital era. Cue Dell EMC’s Forum to further spur this on and encourage enterprises to “let the transformation begin”!

Headed up by keynote speaker, Patricia Florissi, VP Global CTO for Sales, attendees can expect a variety of engaging sessions and presentations, including overcoming common challenges faced by ICT leaders. Some other highlights include data protection, building vs buying infrastructure and making sure your workforce is future-ready.

Understanding and applying intelligent technology will help lower operating costs by improving processes and reducing wastage. This will also free up cash flow to allow more money to be available for businesses to innovate new products and services. From building systems that allow more rapid monitoring and regulation of digital traffic to technologies that are able to ease mobile congestion on apps, the future is here!

Digital transformation begins with you, the business owner, you the CIO and you the IT professional. Register for Dell EMC Forum or read more about the event here.

About the Author: Dell Technologies