Crush Your Demanding Workloads with the Next-Gen XtremIO X2

The rapid adoption of All-Flash storage in recent years has highlighted the demand for storage that can deliver consistent ultra-low latency response and an incredible amount of IOps to deliver performance needed by the most demanding workloads. These demanding workloads are now getting more demanding than ever.

Following the success of our previous generation of All-Flash storage, XtremIO X2 is raising the bar and helping set new industry standards for performance consistency, efficiency, and agility. The new generation of XtremIO is built using unique content-aware, metadata-centric architecture with integrated copy data management (iCDM) capabilities.

Realize Your Digital Future with All-Flash

Companies embarking on a journey of digital transformation have to rely on their IT infrastructure, as it is the foundation of the entire organization. Those that fail to recognize the importance of their data and network systems will inevitably be hindering their modernization efforts, and dramatically increasing their risk of higher infrastructure costs down the line.

 IT transformation isn’t easy, but it is vital. In order to succeed and expedite the process, organizations must invest in future-proof technology, and that is where Dell EMC’s new XtremIO X2 Data Center comes in. Purpose-built for All-Flash with always-on inline data services, XtremIO delivers unprecedented levels of efficiency to thousands of customers globally. The new XtremIO X2 amplifies the strength of previous generations by enhancing the software design and more power to the hardware.

Technology such as an All-Flash arrays will help transform the response times and reduce latency across the entire data center (not just select areas), thus providing non-stop availability and incredible performance rates required for a modern data center. This also helps speed up the rate at which organizations can access their applications and data, massively.

The X2 Difference

Unlike other All-Flash enabled data centers on the market, XtremIO X2 is capable of delivering up to 80% lower response times and 25% higher data reduction to support 2x more copies per cluster for iCDM. We have engineered the X2 to be even more efficient in storage capacity and All-Flash performance, with a price that is a third of the cost of its predecessor! Furthermore, XtremIO X2 provides three times the capacity per X-Brick and includes new multi-dimensional scalability to scale up from as low as 7TB to as high as 138TB per X-Brick, and scaling up to 8 X-Bricks simultaneously. Dell EMC has also ensured that the rack density has been increased by four-fold, thus providing up to 5.5PD effective capacity and a capacity density of over 100TB per rack unit!

XtremIO X2 is the ideal platform for workloads that benefit from deduplication and integrated copy data management (iCDM) for large-scale snapshots, such as VDI and development/test use cases. You can find out more about Dell EMC’s All-Flash solutions and the new XtremIO X2 on our website.

About the Author: Dell Technologies