Creating the Modern Data Center with EMC DSSD & ScaleIO

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While DSSD D5 and ScaleIO are completely different products by EMC, both have similarities in supporting larger enterprises with storage solutions; ScaleIO is software designed block storage to give public cloud agility with private cloud resiliency, whereas DSSD D5 is a Rack-Scale Flash solution, with all flash storage performance.

DSSD infographicDSSD really is very exciting as it demonstrates EMC’s commitment to pushing the envelope in terms of Rack-Scale Flash. Designed specifically for the most data-intensive traditional and next generation applications, DSSD D5 is the key building block for the creation of the modern data center.

With two D5 systems stripped together and high performance databases in a single rack, it is able to connect simultaneously to two independent D5 arrays and deliver performance, bandwidth and capacity 2x faster than direct-attached flash. It also reduces latency by a third, and a lower TCO than the fastest solution for databases on the market today!

For customers with DSSD D5, this means that enterprises can use their data strategically, by accelerating data analysis and delivering insight that can drive growth. As a result, businesses are working to accelerate and optimize existing applications and develop new data-driven applications for the real-time world.

Similarly, ScaleIO is also primarily used by enterprise data centers and service providers. But what sets it apart, is it’s designed to massively scale from 3 to hundreds of thousands of nodes! This huge potential scalability also delivers extreme performance, speed and flexibility.

But don’t take our word for it! StorageReview Enterprise lab had this to say about EMC’s ScaleIO when they tested it in February 2016:

“… we’ve never seen any HA shared storage perform as fast as ScaleIO has in our lab. ScaleIO has shattered records in every situation so far, pushing our testing infrastructure to its limits.”

ScaleIO is designed and optimized to transform an enterprise’s server and storage performance, while also being abl to address critical needs. It is able to deliver a much higher performance with a much lower complexity by sharing workload, managing bandwidth consumption and eliminating application “hogging”. ScaleIO is quite possibly the best choice for an enterprise to manage its growing data infrastructure.

ScaleIO is available in 3 different models; with build it yourself and turnkey solutions to meet your goals quickly and efficiently.

Want to learn more, check out DSSD D5 and ScaleIO, or try ScaleiO for free.

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