Avoiding Downtime with EMC ScaleIO & the Modern Data Center


It seems that the IT world is bursting with new ideas and exciting launches. And while we thrive on seeing innovation and creativity in the tech industry, at the same time it’s devastating when these companies fail or are hampered by avoidable IT hiccups such as servers which lack agility and readiness to handle increased demand.

The video gaming industry is set to reach $99 B by the end of 2016 with mobile gaming predicted to overtake traditional console and PC gaming. The launch of games like Pokemon Go has put augmented reality at the forefront of the gaming world. For enterprises planning on engaging in addictive and immersive experiences like AR and VR, they will need to adequately prepare their servers for an explosion of global users and their demands.

The success of games, apps and web services are intricately linked to connectivity, coverage and quality of experience, which are all ultimately associated with the data center. So although the demand for Software Defined Storage is growing, budgets are not.

What is the solution?

ScalePIcScaleIO by EMC is a software-defined solution that delivers total flexibility and adaptability, making it the perfect choice for organizations looking to launch apps, games or web services that require the agility and readiness to scale up as to meet increased demand. The high performance, low complexity model also ensures easy implementation for larger enterprises that are used to traditional protocols or who have previously been reluctant to embrace the modern data center.

This ‘Software Defined Storage’ approach presents applications, admins and users with what appears to be a single sharable ‘pool’ of storage (despite it using multiple separate commodity servers). This lowers the cost by up to 60% because it uses the servers you already own and turns existing DAS storage into shared block storage. Additionally ScaleIO improves performance by eight times because expansion capacity is rapid, easy and on demand.

Staying connected and ‘live’ is pivotal to the success of any online service business, but guaranteeing secure connections will award them best in class experience. To achieve this status, their data centers are expected to efficiently scale load with the continuously changing number of users and ensure that latency is decreased to a minimum, thus allowing users to connect to multiplayer games, apps and services easily. ScaleIO can do all that and ensure that the associated data is secure.

A successful launch is only as strong as its weakest link, and enterprises that are not prepared with a high performing data center will be hampered (and possibly fail). Readiness and agility are key attributes to the modern data center, and EMC data centers can help you achieve the readiness required to ensure the success of in-market technology launches.


About the Author: Dell Technologies