Agility; the buzzword of 2020, but what does it mean for the future?

#Agility has been a huge buzzword of 2020, as it was crucial to ensure organizations transformed to avoid becoming obsolete. In fact, 3/4 business leaders state this is a top organizational priority. Read our report to discover where you are in your transformation journey, and how to push agility to the next level:

Are you one of the 91% of organizations yet to reach the “transformational level of agility”? Discover where you are in the journey in our Agility Evaluation Chart, and read the report to learn how to progress your strategy:

#ITAgility and #BusinessAgility are inherently linked, with 85% of enterprises agreeing if they doesn’t embrace #ITTransformation they will no longer be competitive. When focused on “keeping the lights on”, it can be challenging for IT resources to realize transformation, but #Automation can help overcome this.