Actionable Transformation at the #DellTechForum, Dubai

On 25th November, the #DellTechForum returned to the Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, for a day of insightful discussions and actionable implementations centered around digital transformation. The event saw keynote speeches, customer panel discussions and details breakout sessions which served to deep dive into the specific challenges attendees need to overcome to achieve real transformation.

Digital Transformation: Hasn’t it happened yet?

In 2006, Dell Technologies conducted a global survey to see where organizations of all sizes were in their digital transformation, called the Digital Transformation Index. At that point, 5% of organizations were classified as digital leaders – organizations with digital ingrained within their day-to-day DNA. In 2019, the survey was carried out again, and the results were surprising. Although more companies are further along in their transformation journey, still only 5% of organizations are classified as digital leaders. So why hasn’t this changed over the last decade?

The real answer: it’s hard. Digital transformation effects all facets of an organization, from communication, to operations to finance, and this is why 91% of business’ report facing barriers when trying implement this. The main barriers come from four main pillars:

  • Time – Technology updates are hard to keep up with, and the speed of change is only accelerating.
  • Skills – Across the board there is a shortage of specialized talent to strategize, implement and manage digital solutions.
  • Funds – Most organizations have up to four generations of technology and legacy systems, which has a knock on effect to budgets.
  • Risks – In a fast changing world, strategizing effectively is incredibly difficult, leading to uncertainty and a lack of best practice knowledge.

The Four Transformation Pillars

Despite the challenges of realizing transformation, organizations are reaching the stage where digitizing is no longer an optional path, and becoming a vital component of survival. Dell Technologies has numerous solutions which can help with the unique needs of each organization, spanning the four key pillars of transformation.

IT Transformation

IT transformation applies to all IT responsibilities within an organization, linking all elements and ensure all systems work seamlessly and autonomously together; from the private cloud, to the public cloud, to the edge. In order to overcome this challenge, Dell EMC and VMWare have collaborated to launch Dell Technologies Cloud Platform, which will deliver a consistent set of infrastructure and services to manage IT operations from end to end.

Workforce Transformation

The new generation moving into the workforce is expecting to interact with technology in ways we haven’t seen before, and as we move forwards, full immersion in technology will open up new opportunities to digital-first businesses. Unified Workspace, allows organizations to meet the needs of individual groups within the workplace, to ensure bespoke devices are available for specific teams which fully meet their needs.

Security Transformation

Security has always been a huge concern for IT professionals when digitizing systems and services. However, AI has huge potential to revolutionize the way security solutions are created and built, from chasing the bad to understanding the good. AI has potential to identify micro-expressions and movements in “good” individuals (those with access), which in turn can be used to block the “bad” (hackers, who will find it near impossible to replicate the new requirements).

Application Transformation

Over the next 5 years, it’s expected that 500M applications will be written, using new frameworks and languages, but crucially, being created as cloud native. Applications will move from being fully fledged solutions to being a collection of micro-services, communicating together seamlessly. This fundamental change in the coding of new applications will allow them to become more resilient, reliable and scalable.

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Watch Patricia Florissi’s keynote speech in full here.

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