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    • Why design with OEM Solutions?

      At Dell Technologies OEM Solutions we know you are looking to take your product to market with just the right services, support and technology to help differentiate it and increase its potential for success. Partnering together we can design the right combination of capabilities to do just that. Contact us today by clicking on the button below to explore our OEM technology designed for your product’s success.


      Reduce cost, get to market fast and innovate with integrated OEM Platforms

      Join VDC Research and Dell Technologies OEM live on March 4th  to learn more.

    • Next Generation OEM Solutions

      The best of Dell Technologies, engineered and configured for your application

      Bring your next generation of solutions to market with our embedded technologies, hardware, software and services portfolio of capabilities, all ready for you.

    • Edge and Internet of Things


      Business happens at the edge

      Expedite actionable insights, digitize business processes, and transform your customer experiences by applying the right technology solution for every environment.

    • OEM Data Storage

      OEM Data Capital

      Data – it's your customers most valuable asset

      Go to market confidently with leading storage and data protection solutions.

    • OEM Solutions with embedded technologies to design all your custom products

    • Dedicated Engineering

      Dedicated Engineering

      Put our experienced engineers to work for you. By making us an extension of your design team we can provide the systems integration, software engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers to make your ideas a reality.

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    • Program Management

      Program Management

      Augment your staff with Dell Technologies experts to help you compress time to market, operate at scale, and foster innovation.  Drive out complexity by making our operations teams yours.

    • Customization and Configuration

      Customization and Configuration

      Customize the underlying platforms. Specialised applications have specialised requirements, mass customisation is in our DNA.  Work with us to take your idea from design to customer doorstep delivery.

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    • OEM Engineered Solutions

      Addressing unique industry needs with turnkey solutions from Dell Technologies OEM customers


      OEM solutions customized for your industry

      We provide original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solutions in more than 40 vertical markets that depend on high-quality, stable and well-engineered technology specialized for their industries.

    • Industrial Automation

      Industrial Automation

      Drive Industrial Innovation to transform your business

    • Telecommunications


      Connect to opportunity with our services, mobility, cloud and carrier-grade hardware for network builders

    • Healthcare


      OEM solutions to power digital transformation and improve patient care

    • Marine


      Bring value to the maritime industry from edge to cloud, and ship to shore

    • Computer Vision

      Computer Vision

      Bring a safer, smarter world in sight with True Vision

    • Explore our OEM Solutions portfolio of products

      Benefit from platforms that are ready for OEMs like you, from the far edge to the core to the cloud and everything in between. The customization possibilities are endless when it comes to Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

    • Accomplish your vision with our OEM portfolio and expertise

      From CTO-level discussions that define a vision to product design and prototyping, we create a bridge between your initial product ideas and actionable implementation plans. We’ll show you what’s possible then work together to devise a roadmap.

    • Customer Stories

      OEM Stories from our customers across the globe

    • OEM Solutions enhance your network services


      Designing Turnkey Solutions for Telecom NFV

      For telecom customers trialing its virtual session border controller, which uses network functions virtualization (NFV), Ribbon turned to Dell Technologies OEM Solutions to help engineer a turnkey platform.

    • Driving industry insight with our edge solutions


      Driving industrial insights through edge and cloud connectivity

      See how Emerson quickly developed a solution on a global scale to give customers a better way to manage and trouble shoot key operational assets.



      Turning the world on to cleaner and safer power

      See how Doosan helps companies build more efficient and safer power plants for the world’s energy needs through a fault-detection and diagnosis solution built with Dell Technologies OEM Solutions.

    • OEM Events & Resources

      Explore OEM Solutions further with our specialist blogs, events and webinars

    Events & Webinars

    • OEM Solutions Events & Webinars

    • Driving industrial innovation

      Designing solutions for the Edge: Driving industrial innovation

      We can help you design, deliver and support customized industrial Edge solutions and a secure supply chain – all from one trusted and sustainable tier 1 vendor.

      To learn more and access this webinar, click your regional link below.

    • Accelerate Innovation with Near-Instant Database Cloning

      Reduce cost, get to market fast and innovate with integrated OEM Platforms

      Join us for a conversation with VDC Research and Dell Technologies OEM Solutions.

      To learn more and access this webinar, click your regional link below.

    • Introduction to Dell EMC PowerStore

      Introduction to Dell EMC PowerStore

      Join this exclusive conversation for Application Developers & OEMs, hosted by Sean Phelan, Global Vice President of Storage Solutions, and Quentin Esterhuizen, Head of Storage Product Management, Dell Technologies OEM Embedded & Edge Solutions.

      To learn more and access this webinar, click your regional link below.

    • Explore more webinars for OEMs

      Explore more webinars for OEMs

      Hear directly from industry experts, analysts and customers on how to lean into the new opportunities that emergent technologies provide our global community of makers and designers.

      To learn more and access our webinars, click your regional link below.


    • OEM Solutions Blogs

    • Technology Accelerator

      Technology Accelerator

      Check out our latest blog written for OEMs who are designing architecture for latency sensitive workloads. Hear from our CTO community who share how you can reduce bottlenecks and accelerate your processing power.

    • Accelerate Innovation with Near-Instant Database Cloning

      Accelerate Innovation with Near-Instant Database Cloning

      Hear from our Storage community as they discuss how the demand for database cloning is growing exponentially as more and more companies invest in DevOps to bring new products and features to market faster.

    • Manufacturing & Industrial Automation Lead The Way

      Manufacturing & Industrial Automation Lead The Way

      The fourth industrial revolution is well underway, driven by IoT, edge computing, cloud and big data. And once again, manufacturers are at the forefront of intelligent production, leading the way in adopting advanced technologies. Get our take on how the data centre is merging with the factory floor. 

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      OEM Solutions Channel Partners

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    • OEM Partners and Services offer the latest embedded technologies help to achieve your goal

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      We offer a truly comprehensive range of services, all designed to help you get the maximum value out of your digital technologies and achieve your goals quickly.

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    • 1 Global Share based on 2016 Dollar Volume Shipments, VDC Research worldwide OEM provider, Dell Technologies OEM Embedded & Edge Solutions provides the expertise, scale and Tier-1 infrastructure to rapidly turn your ideas into market-ready solutions and take them to the world.

      2 Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant Data in Leaders Quadrant, Date June 19, 2019.