• Remote Worker

    52% of the workforce works remotely.1 Make sure they’re productive.

    The Remote Worker

    The most productive worker in the office never actually comes in.

    Remote workers are becoming some of the most productive members of today’s workforce. Give them a powerful All-In-One desktop with VPN and unleash all their potential. Connecting and collaborating with colleagues, accessing and sharing files, web meetings; everything will be smooth and easy.

    The home advantage.

    Giving remote users full IT support at home is fast, secure, simple and keeps them productive. Add an extra monitor for better multi-tasking and productivity spikes. Add a headset for videoconferencing, a printer, and Gigabit modem and they’ll enjoy the kind of capabilities and service they’d get at the office – without ever leaving their home.

    Remote workers expect devices that cater to them. So that’s what we offer.

    Dell OptiPlex 7450 All-in-One

    Power. House.

    The powerful OptiPlex 7450 All-in-One with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors empowers users to be self-sufficient with corporate headquarters-caliber capabilities.

    It delivers unmatched security and manageability. And users get fast, safe VPN access to their network, files, professional resources, coworkers and IT support.

    Sleek and uncluttered; the OptiPlex 7450 connects everything together, neatly consolidating all devices into a single, small, highly productive space.

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    Other PC solutions can apply.


    Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    Boost productivity and comfort with an elegant design and clean, wireless setup.

    Dell OptiPlex Articulating Stand

    Users can tilt, rotate and raise their monitor to the optimal viewing level, maximizing comfort and productivity.

    Dell Pro Stereo Headset

    Give users exceptional audio clarity for calls and videoconferencing with a headset certified for Microsoft® Skype® for Business.

    Design a workspace to match the way users work.

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    Work without limits

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    1 52% of the global workforce spends at least some, if not all of its time working remotely. Source: Dell & Intel Future Workforce Study Global Report, Research conducted by Penn Schoen Berland, 2016, slide 30

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