• The future of storage is here

      The groundbreaking new PowerStore family of all-flash data storage appliances eliminates traditional tradeoffs in performance, scalability and storage efficiency, with a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that transforms and mobilizes both traditional and modern workloads.

    • Scalable all-flash storage for today’s infrastructure

    • PowerStore all-flash array is a uniquely adaptable infrastructure platform that complements and extends your existing investments. Combining the advantages of cutting-edge storage hardware with the flexibility and simplicity of modern software design, PowerStore gives you unprecedented freedom to evolve your IT, keeping pace with a rapidly changing world.

    • Dell EMC PowerStore Data Storage Appliance

      Built from the ground up with next-generation storage technology to make your business more agile and prepared for change.


      Standard Deployment

      Intelligent, scalable storage for today’s most demanding workloads

      • NVMe all-flash or SCM optimizes performance
      • “Always on” data reduction with 4:1 guarantee
      • Native support for block, file, VVOLs, containers
      • Scale up and out to add performance or capacity independently
      • Anytime Upgrade keeps PowerStore continuously modern without disruption

      Hypervisor Deployment

      Flexibility to run applications directly on PowerStore with AppsON

      • NVMe all-flash or SCM optimizes performance
      • “Always on” data reduction with 4:1 guarantee
      • Built-in VMware hypervisor supports external hosts and local apps at the same time for unprecedented mobility, operational consistency
      • Anytime Upgrade keeps PowerStore continuously modern without disruption
    • Accomplish business goals with PowerStore scalable all-flash data storage appliances


      See what our PowerStore customers have to say

    • "The PowerStore Metro node was fully capable of synchronizing our workloads across two separate PowerStore arrays while delivering superior performance. It features a very quick, responsive and easy to navigate interface and it’s very space efficient, only adding an additional 2U to our PowerStore footprint. It’s ideal addition to any company’s business continuity strategy."


    • “PowerStore’s unique AppsON capability simplifies our infrastructure while reducing our overall storage footprint.”


    • “PowerStore changes the dynamic, paradigm, and way technologists interact with storage in the datacenter.”


    • “The program as it stands today, may be the best in the industry.”


    • “We have never seen a platform so fast.”


    • PowerStore Scalable All-Flash Storage Resources

    Product Overview


      Data Sheet: PowerStore Storage Family

      Get the details on PowerStore's unique advantages, including new container-based architecture and AppsON capability, Anytime Upgrade program, and more.


      Spec Sheet: PowerStore Storage Family

      This specification sheet covers physical, environmental, and operational specs, including connectivity, software, and regulatory standards.


      Top Reasons for PowerStore

      Learn why customers choose PowerStore storage to achieve new levels of agility and operational versatility for today’s cloud-mobile IT infrastructure.

    Demos and Videos


      Introducing PowerStore

      PowerStore is data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable, providing unmatched flexibility for today’s infrastructure.


      PowerStore Video Playlist

      Additional PowerStore feature overviews and demos.


      Hands-on Lab

      Launch your own exploration of PowerStore’s Standard Deployment.


      Interactive Demo

      Experience a guided walkthrough of PowerStore’s Hypervisor Deployment.


      Virtual Product Tour

      Learn more about PowerStore’s architecture and key features.



      PowerStore and Big Data Clusters with Microsoft SQL

      Optimize and easily manage the underlining infrastructure for Microsoft SQL Server.


      PowerStore Designed for VMware

      Bring new levels of operational simplicity and agility to modernize VMware environments.


      PowerStore and Next Generation Analytics

      Learn how to bring a unified storage solution for today’s modern analytics workloads.


      Top Reasons to Choose PowerStore for Microsoft SQL Server

      Top Reasons customers choose PowerStore for operational versatility for Microsoft SQL environments.


      Top Reasons Why Customers Use PowerStore with VMware

      Top Reasons PowerStore achieves new operational versatility for today’s VMware environments.


      Top Reasons to Choose PowerStore for Next-Gen Analytics

      Top Reasons PowerStore customers have new levels of performance and agility for Next Generation Analytics.

    Technical Resources


      PowerStore Technical White Papers and Videos

      White papers, videos, reference architectures, and best-practice guidance to help ensure customer success with PowerStore.


      ESG Technical Validation

      ESG explains how the innovative features of PowerStore help customers achieve their business goals.


      IDC Business Value

      IDC details the financial benefits that customers realize when using PowerStore.


      PowerStore Info Hub

      PowerStore user manuals and additional support resources.


      Spec Sheet: PowerStore metro node

      Enables automated continuity with true active-active synchronous replication over metro distance.

    • Dell Technologies on Demand

      More choice, flexibility and assurance in how you consume IT infrastructure

      Dell Technologies On Demand offers a consumption-driven, as-a-service optimized business model ideally suited for the way on-premises infrastructure and expertise is consumed in the on-demand economy.

    • Services & Support


      ProSupport for Enterprise

      Highly trained experts around the clock and around the globe to address your IT needs, minimize disruptions, and maintain a high-level of productivity.


      ProDeploy for Enterprise

      Integrate new technology into existing environments with confidence through extensive planning and validation by expert certified engineers.


      Dell Financial Services

      Acquire technology on your terms with a variety of flexible payment solutions from Dell Financial Services.**

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    • 1 4:1 average rate guaranteed across customer applications.  Rates for individual applications may vary.  See Future-Proof Program terms and conditions for details.  

      2 Based on Dell analysis comparing PowerStore 9000 4x cluster to Unity XT 880 running 70/30 random read/write mix, 8K block size with compression and deduplication active, March 2020.  Actual performance will vary based on configurations and usage and manufacturing variability

      3 Based on Dell analysis of minimum effort required to execute non-disruptive migration of volume group using PowerStore’s built-in migration tools for Unity, SC Series, PS Series and VNX arrays, March 2020.  Actual results will vary.