• Dell EMC PowerEdge Modular System Switches

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    • Maximize the demanding connectivity needs of today’s data center workloads while also lowering overall costs and network management complexity.

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    • Dell EMC PowerEdge MX7000

      Dell EMC PowerEdge MX I/O Switching Modules

      25GbE open networking switching modules designed for data center PowerEdge MX infrastructures with integrated server, storage, networking and unified management

      • A family of Ethernet and Fibre Channel switching modules with Open Networking capabilities
      • Take advantage of a multi-chassis scalable fabric architecture and OS10 SmartFabric Services

      Dell EMC PowerEdge FN IO Modules

      Simplify FX2 cabling and enhance converged IO and Fibre Channel capabilities for the FX architecture with added full layer 2/3 switch mode.

      • Reduce cable complexity by as much as 8:1
      • Optimize FX2 performance to help enhance east-west traffic flows

      Dell EMC PowerEdge M-Series Blades

      Transform your Dell EMC M1000e blade server enclosure and maximize connectivity with a variety of Ethernet switches, and Fibre Channel interconnects


    • Products Description Key uses Options

      MX IO Switching Modules


      High-performance 25GbE open networking switching modules for the PowerEdge MX 7000
      • Custom built to maximize the connectivity needs of modern data center workloads while also lowering overall costs and network management complexity
      • MX9116n Fabric Switching Engine
      • MX7116n Fabric Expander Module
      • MX5108n Ethernet Switch
      • MXG610s Fibre Channel Switch

      FN I/O Switching Modules


      Multi-functional network connectivity for the PowerEdge FX2
      • Purpose- built for the FX2 giving choice for simplified network deployment and management
      • FN2210S
      • FN410S
      • FN410T

      M-Series Blade Switches


      Broad family of Ethernet and Fibre Channel and switching blades for the M1000e
      • High-performance switching modules providing optimized network connectivity for the M1000e
      • MXL
      • I/O Aggregator
      • M8024K
      • M6348
      • Brocade M6505

    • Open Networking solutions for the PowerEdge modular infrastructure

      • Dell EMC continues market leadership by expanding Open Networking capabilities in the data center with next-generation, high-performance switching modules.

        Cost-effective Ethernet and Fibre Channel connectivity options include scalable fabric architectures, ease of management and global support and services.


        Innovative Products: Delivering networking systems with state-of-the-art technology


        End-to-End Solutions: Integrated best-in-class networking, servers and storage solutions with global services and reach


        End-to-End Solutions: Integrated best-in-class networking, servers and storage solutions with global services and reach

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